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NOTE: Kindly go through all the details/guidelines carefully. We don’t accept the guest posts if they are not in accordance with our guidelines. And also it may take upto 2 weeks time for your guest post(s) to get published.

We are open to guest postings and we accept guest posts related to our blog niche ( refer blog topics below). You will get 1 dofollow backlink to your site/blog homepage and you can 1 link to your social networking profile in the author byline.

► Topics allowed for guest posting:

• Technology – Reviews – Blogging Tips- Internet marketing –  How-To’s – Gadgets – Social Media – Tips & Tweaks & SEO

► What you will get?

• Exposure on this blog.

• Traffic/readers to your site/blog.

• Your content will be shared on our social media profiles.

► Guest Posting guidelines:

1. Article must be original and it should not be published anywhere else before.

2. Article must be related to our blog niche.

3. If the submitted article has been published here, then same article should not be published anywhere else. If found somewhere else, it will be immediately removed from this blog.

4. Article must be atleast 500 words.

6. Article should contain atleast 1 image. Image(s) used should not be copyrighted and if used under creative commons, then the image(s) should be properly credited. And if you use copyrighted image(s), then kindly provide proper source.

5. You can include 1 link to your own site/blog homepage related to our blog niche in the author byline.  Website/blog URL is not allowed as an anchor text and the link in the author bio will be a dofollow link.

7. Your site/blog should have atleast Google PageRank 2.

8. If required the post can have only 1 relevant link to the topic in the content body with maximum of three anchor text words. The link should be atleast PR 2 and if it’s not PR 2, it will be treated as “nofollow” link and the post should not contain any affiliate/paid links. Internal linking is much preferable.

9. Use WordPress SEO (Yoast) section and fill out the the complete SEO details effectively while submitting the post(s).

10. Your submitted post should be properly formatted.  You should use H1/H2 tags for main headings  and H3/H4 tags for subheadings in the post body. If the post is long then you must divide the post into short paragraphs and use bullet points to make the post easier to read.

Note: *We accept guest post only from Bloggers/Writers whose site/blog link is related to our blog niche.

Note: *Posts containing products/services/sales link in the content body will be considered as paid/sponsored post. We are charging $50 for paid/sponsored post. However, the link should be relevant to our blog niche and only 1 paid/sponsored link is allowed in the content body.

 ► Here are some major benefits of guest blogging:

1. You can create quality backlinks.

2. You can build your online influence.

3. You can increase traffic to your site/blog.

4. You will get to know more like minded bloggers.

5. You will get more exposure in the blogsphere.

► Your Responsibilities?

When the post has been published, it’s your responsibility to reply to comments and answer to questions if any.  A blog without interaction is like a static page which is filled with information. Hence, interaction is important to keep the lbog engaging and replying to comments is a great way to achieve engagement on blog. It’s not must that you should reply to all the comments posted, but atleast reply to insightful/valuable/meaningful comments to make the blog engaging.

Note: If you can’t accomplish this task, then kindly DO NOT submit your guest post(s).

► How to submit guest post?

If you have read our guest postings guidelines and if you are interested to write for us, then you can register Here.  Initially your account will be registered as a subscriber (to lessen spam). After completing the registration process, use the Contact page and send the username you used to register, after that your account will be upgraded to contributor (Admin word is not allowed as a username).

Provide a  username and you must use a valid email address in the email field when registering an account. And you MUST  fill out your complete profile with your real first and last name (with your own gravatar image) and also you should have a quality author bio with 1 backlink to your own website/blog homepage related to our blog niche and you can have maximum 3 links to your social networking profiles (i.e. Facebook, Google+ or  Twitter).

If you are not familiar with WordPress, then you can simply send your article(s) at techalamblog [at] gmail [dot] com. We will review your submitted article(s) and if it’s according to above listed guest posting guidelines, your submission(s) will be published on this blog.

► Contact Us

Have any queries/questions/suggestions?  You can use the below contact form or Email us at johnbhura1 [at] gmail [dot] com

Note: *The blog owner reserves the right to make changes to this page if required, without any prior notice.

**- Thanks for visiting and for reading our guest posting guidelines – **