We claim to be a Google Authorship expert and yet we find it very difficult to cover all the aspects of it in a timely manner, like we missed this important video released by Google and Matt Cutts way back in June. We are late in reporting this to you but well, better late than never.

Matt answered a pivotal question in this video, “Will Google be evaluating the use of rel=author moving forward as more sites use the feature on generic, non-article/news pages, such as on a home page or about page?”. Let us point out the answers Matt gave using a few bullet points.


•  Google is Developing the Authorship idea continuously

Matt is quite optimistic about rel=author and if he is, so should be Google. Please remember, Matt receives hundreds of questions every day and he selects only those questions answering which can benefit the whole lot of SEO and webmasters in coming days. Thus, if Matt has selected this questions, this is indeed a very valuable question for the whole industry. It also tells us the tremendous future potential Authorship holds for Google. In fact, Matt has answered many questions about the Authorship in the past few months.

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•  Authorship Shall Indicate Subject Authorities

The question was whether the spammy use of Authorship shall lead to a penalty or not. However, while answering Matt states how excited he is about the whole authorship thing. Google initially launched this to identify the subject authorities and the two purposes which Google wishes to serve are to identify the authorities in every domain and to present them to the people when they are looking for answers.

•  Authorship Shall Not Look At Site Authority

This is a welcome Revelation for many SEO companies India. Using the example of Danny Sullivan, the editor of Search Engine Land and famous SEO guru, Matt said, suppose Danny posts in a forum where the site authority is very low. Danny’s comment, however, shall be valuable for the readers as he generally makes lots of sense while discussing SEO. How would a person, searching for the answer, come to know about this post? Simple, Google shall elevate the comment even if it posted in a not-so-good site.

•   Authorship As A Spam-fighter

We were always guessing that like every other Google features, Authorship shall be used to fight the spam as well. The spammers, who are stupid enough to create poor content and connect it to their Google Authorship, can be demoralised using this feature and Matt has confirmed it. He didn’t say this directly in the video but said, this shall make it hard for a spammer to hide. It also means Google can devalue all the content connected to that low-value Authorship. It also makes life difficult for the authors who are willing to rank and doesn’t have a reputation to go with.

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•   Authorship Is Yet To See Its Prime

According to Matt, it was fun and exciting to launch rel=author tag but they are still working on it and checking what else can be done to make sure that this tag is used to its maximum potential. It is something which Google will hone for a long time using it as a prime spam fighting and domain authority defining element. It is something new and they are expectant of it. Google clearly wants to move away from keywords and base upon “string to things” to present better search results. One such thing is clearly the Google Authorship which helps them to identify the industry experts. People in the Search Quality Team, something which Matt handles himself, are continuously working towards it. One important thing to note is that Google might be using Authorship to find you better results but if we want to see major effects, we need to wait a bit and let Google Authorship reach its prime. Going by the look of the project and the excitement, rel=author is a development which Google is pursuing sincerely and are determined to make it work in the near future.

Below is a video by Matt Cutts on rel=”author”.

Have you implemented rel=author on your site/blog? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


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