A website is a necessary marketing tool for small business owners. It allows you to create a place on the Internet unique to your business, providing a crucial forum for disseminating information about your product.

There are some web design mistake that could end up costing you a lot of customers, however. You must focus on creating a website that will reach out to the customers and meet all of their needs. Poorly designed websites will lose customers, and will get buried in search engine rankings. Here are some web design mistake you need to avoid.

web deesign mistakes

• Failure to Target Your Customers

When building a website, you need to take the time to establish some goals. One goal is to identify and target the correct audience. Some companies spend too much time adding unique design items to their websites that they fail to research the target market and meet their needs. Taking the time to research your audience will help you design a website geared towards the interests of your customers. For example, youthful audiences might appreciate links to YouTube and a mobile friendly website, whereas an older audience might rather have links to eBooks and a simple user experience.

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• Complex Design

A website must be easy to navigate. If the website is too complex, it will confuse the customers, inciting them to leave your website. A lot of new website owners get excited about the plethora of design options and they go overboard. A busy-looking website will load slowly and is confusing to understand. Focus on a simple design to attract customers and give them the information they want. Always include a search toolbar.

• Call to Action

Have an idea of what you want customers to do on your website. Failure to add a call to action will land you nothing more than a click off your website. Include something for them to do, such as signing up for a free eBook or newsletter, or buying a product.

• Failure to Add Mobile Compatibility

A majority of search engine users are accessing websites from a mobile device. If you aren’t taking the time to create a mobile-friendly website, it can hurt your website performance. Websites that are not built to accommodate mobile devices look terrible on smartphones and tablets. A customer on a mobile device won’t stay on your site if it is not smart phone compatible, as they likely won’t be able to see most of the information anyhow. A great idea is to include an app for the customers to use if you haven’t taken the time to create a mobile-friendly version of your website.

• Boring Content

What makes your website different from all the others on the Internet? Why should your customers start visiting your website over the competition? If you have boring or outdated content, it will be hard to keep readers. You need to create an enticing website with quality content. Include the latest information about your industry or products. Update your website frequently to gain new customers, and to keep existing customers satisfied.

Do you have any web designing tips? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


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