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• Taking Start

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Pretty simple step here, I’m sure you’ve done this before! All you need to do for this step is to go through the offer of your choice, read the PDF’s or watch the videos or however the content is delivered and you’re going to need to do an incredibly simple review video. Don’t panic, don’t panic. Don’t like be in front of the camera? I understand, and then you’d just have to go the outsourcing route and have someone else run this system for you.

 I’ll continue and assume you don’t have a problem being in front of a camera for about a minute. About the whole work in your underwear thing, you might want to at least put a shirt on for this step!

After you’ve gone through the article and you’ve gathered a good understanding of the method inside – enough to speak intelligently about it without any script or anything, let’s go ahead and get this video review done!

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• Prepare Review Video

Now the video review is a very important part of the whole gear that makes you moneybut I don’t want you to overthink this at all. Your video review should be highly similar to the majority of video reviews you see about other articles.

Just keep the video under about a minute long, talk about the benefits, how it’s going to make money and that’s it – at the end, forward them to the description box where you’ll have your affiliate link.

This is the only small difference from your video review and other video reviews you may see. You want to word it as if you are talking to ONE person, not a LIST, because this method has nothing to do with lists. The viewers of the video will automatically associate your opening line with the message they read with your little ‘suggestion’.

And continue on with your personal review of the product, covering what we discussed earlier about the benefits and exactly HOW it makes money and that’s it. That’s your video review, that’s all you need. Nothing extravagant, don’t make it sound all hype-y and get-rich-quick-ish. Keep it simple like we talked about!

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• Upload Your Video

Once you complete your video review, simply upload it to YouTube as unlisted. This means only people who know your YT link will be able to see the video, which makes it private in a sense. Now when you’ve got your review video all done and you’re happy with the look of it, you’re pretty much done with 90% of this method and the only thing to do next is to reach out to our targeted audience and get them to watch the video.

• Final Step – Making Money

youtube money

The next and final step is making money, and once you’ve made it here, all you have to do to make money each day is rinse and repeat step 4 over and over again, however long you want, until you’ve made the money you want to make for that day! This will be the only video review you ever have to do, once it’s done, it’s done and we’re going to promote this same video and cash in until you feel like switching things up.

 Do you upload video reviews on Youtube? Do share your tips in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

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