Did you ever face the situation where there are websites that are blocked in your workplace by your company network or in your school/college. It could be any website like a social networking websites or websites to download content.

Unblock is a new tool to surf websites anonymously. Unblock any website using their zero-configuration proxy technology. Stay anonymous and ensure your privacy. It’s free and it just works.


With Unblk.net the privacy of the user surfing with the tool is well concealed as the user doesn’t access the intended website as the tool(Unblock) does the actual fetching for the user. Unblk.net tool claims to never reveal any traceable end-user information to the visited sites. On top of that, users can even entirely turn off javascript & flash content with the advanced options.

Just enter URL you wish to unblock and set advanced options – Encrypt URL, Encrypt Page, Allow Cookies or not and Remove Objects & scripts or not. One can also set user agent they wish such as – Windows 7 with Chrome or Windows 7 with Safari and even set user agents with either – iPhone/iPad/ Android or Blackberry.

As per the Unblk.net most government agencies are tracking every movement you make online and they are completely invading your privacy. Also, some internet big shots like Google use your web history to identify you and create a profile on you which they give to interested advertisers and sellers in the domain. The tool comes handy to solve all these things harming your privacy and make you untraceable.


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