Twitter only provides its users 140 characters and this is a great challenge for people to get tweets out that are clever and valuable. There are a lot of other articles on how to make Twitter your top social media network but they are often lengthy articles. The CEO of SnapApp, Seth Lieberman, contributed a post to BtoB on how to make your Twitter account a very valuable addition to any company’s social media strategy. Here they are.

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  • Just the facts, Jack. SEO friendly titles get lost in translation on Twitter. The fact is, long fluffy titles just don’t work. The goal of your title is to say what the piece of content is and why people should consume it, all while leaving room for your Twitter followers to add their own commentary. On Twitter, any SEO lift comes from the title in your link, not in the tweet text, so you can always create a shorter, Twitter-friendly title.

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Tweets must be brief but just because it just hits the 140-character limit does not mean it is short enough. Make sure there is ample room for others to chime in when they quote or retweet you.

  • Good Twitterers borrow, great Twitterers steal. For humility’s sake, that was borrowed, not stolen, from a quote sometimes attributed (but perhaps erroneously) to the poet T.S. Eliot. Tweets that ring of familiarity tend to resonate in retweets and mentions. Wrapping a piece of content in a pop culture reference, a famous quote, a hit song or anything that triggers a positive association can give your tweet a whole new level of impact. Be careful, though—the greatness comes in making the tweet your own, not simply copying, pasting and praying that it works.

A person often responds to what is familiar and by borrowing a few well-known references, you increase the chances of your tweet being responded to by more people.

  • Be timely. There is a disproportionate advantage on social media channels for early responders, and nowhere is it more apparent than on Twitter. When writing for Twitter, you need to remember you’re writing for a real-time audience. Your message needs to fit your followers’ interests at that moment. When you hit the right rhythm, you can tweet your way into online conversations. When you hesitate for too long, your entire message may be lost.

Make proper use of timing. Research has found that the best time to send a tweet is between 1 – 3pm from Monday to Thursday.

  • Get together and feel all right. In his book, “Likeable Social Media” (McGraw-Hill, 2011), David Kerpen likened social media to a cocktail party. And how often do you go to a cocktail party alone, or without your friends present? The beauty of Twitter is that it’s tailor-made to bring your friends into your tweets. If, for example, you’re sharing a post about content being king, why not invite a content marketing-savvy friend into the conversation with a mention? Here’s an example: “4 Reasons Content is King [Link]… @SavvyFriend do you have anything to add?”

Share and share alike. You will benefit from mentioning others in tweets that are relevant to them.

  • One caveat: Your mention, like any invitation, has to fit the context of the relationship. When you bring someone into a conversation on Twitter, it has to be in a way the invitee can appreciate. Otherwise you may come off as spammy or intrusive.

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Do not randomly mention people in tweets. You might be mistaken for spam.

Do you have any Twitter tips? Do share your tips in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


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