Good implementation of pop-ups can boost traffic conversions, increase followers and improve sales and ROI (return of investment). On the same note, it can very well turn off readers if applied incorrectly.

• How To Use A Pop-up That Converts

Learn how to use a pop-up that is guaranteed to traffic conversions. Here are six (6) tricks to show you how.

1.       Frequency. This pertains to how frequent your pop-up is seen by the visitors.

  • Show it only once. Suppose you are asking for email addresses from those who want to subscribe to your feeds and one particular visitor chose to decline it the first time. Based on his or her action, it is safe to say that he or she might not be interested to be a subscriber. There is no point displaying the exact message to that same visitor over and over again. You will probably earn his or her ire if you do so. Thus, try putting a cookie on your website to execute it to new visitors alone.
  • Setup criteria for returning readers. Consider this scenario: you will host an SEO summit within the month and there’ll be discounts for early birds. This will then be a perfect opportunity for you to add a “REMIND ME LATER” button on the pop-up. In this way, should an SEO enthusiast decide to get a reservation tomorrow or the day after, you can easily remind him to do so.
  • Differentiate strategies according to device used. See which type will be relevant to those who use mobile as opposed to the ones who utilize desktops. If you have an online store downtown, it may be applicable to display three or four pop-ups on the mobile version depending on how often you conduct sale promotions.

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2.       Visibility. Which pages is it visible? Homepage? Contact Us? Blog? Ensure that you install it on a very few selected ones and not on all webpages.

3.       Timing. Does it appear as soon as the page loads? Will it automatically close after 5 seconds or does the user have an option to close the window on his or her own? Determine which one is most effective – instantly, after a few minutes of navigation on the site, on scroll or on click.

4.       Characteristics. Another secret is the manner in which you integrate it to your web design so it won’t be a huge burden to the people who will see them.

  • Keep it small. Don’t let it occupy the whole screen.
  • Make it lightweight. Stir away from those that have complicated scripts so that your loading time will not suffer.
  • Enable fade-in effects. This is appropriate for those that do not require user intervention for it to disappear.

5.       Copy. Be varied with your content. Aside from blog subscription, you can ask them to follow you on Facebook or Twitter, send their feedback and complaints, answer a poll about a trending topic, read an important announcement or choose to avail your ongoing promo.

6.       Test and evaluateDo remember that reactions may vary depending on your target audience. Therefore, do not hesitate to perform tests to identify which option works best.


I am Jason Swagger, also knows as Krikeshav in the online world. I always had a keen interest in Technology and therefore, after completing Engineering in computer science and I started writing blogs. I believe that sharing knowledge would remove darkness from the world.

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