Top Tips For a Successful Metal Detecting Expedition!

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A metal detecting expedition is quite an adventure – you never know what you may come home with! People have had some very exciting finds in the past, so it’s no surprise that more and more people are getting into it.

Many people start with excitement and then give up because they reap no rewards. It’s just a case of learning a little bit more about it and picking up some tips and tricks on where the best places to go looking are. Talk to other people that are into it and ask them how they get the most success – they will be happy to swap tips with you. Read up online to get loads of information on how other people do it and read our guide to get you started:

► Choose Your Metal Detector

choosing metal detector

Metal detectors come in all different shapes and sizes and unsurprisingly the cheap ones rarely garner any decent results. You will have to spend a bit to get a good one and make sure you choose one that is the right shape and weight for you. If it is too heavy you will just not get round to using it. Of course, your skills are as important as your equipment and the best detector in the world won’t help you if you’re just in the wrong spot, but making sure you have a decent tool will certainly help.

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► Get to Know How it Works

how metal detector works

You are going to have to sit down with the book of instructions and really get to grips with how the metal detector works. There’s no point going out with it until you know what it is trying to tell you, so practice in your garden and play around with different types of metal such as cans, coins and foils. You never know – there may even be treasures in your own back yard!

► Have Patience

Metal detecting is a little bit like fishing in that you will have to be very patient. When you pick your area to check, you will have to walk up and down in a systematic fashion making sure that you cover every inch of the area. Don’t be despondent if you come home with nothing – it just makes those rare finds even more exciting when they happen! Try detecting in loads of different types of places such as beaches, forests, fields and hills.

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► Remember Your Other Tools

metal dection tools

You will need a spade for digging once the metal detector has alerted you to some underground metal. Only start digging if you are allowed to be on the plot – if it is private land then you are trespassing and you could be prosecuted. Make sure you take a bag too so that you can carry your spoils home with you for cleaning up.

If you’re serious about your metal detecting, you’ll need a lot of patience and lots of knowledge too. The benefits of this hobby are many – not only are you likely to find a rare treasure at some point, you will also get very fit walking up and down on your many hunting expeditions!

 Do you have any metal detecting tips? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

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