An Epson printer can be a big investment as they are one of the biggest printing manufacturers on the market, and offer a high quality and versatile print. However, as with most printers, things can go wrong very easily if you don’t take some precautions when using it. If you take the following advice then you can be sure that your Epson printer will last longer and produce better quality print jobs.

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• Use Epson ink and paper

It may be tempting to opt for cheaper third-party manufactured ink cartridges and sometimes they can be more effective, however using Epson’s own ink and paper is advised as they are designed to work with your specific printer meaning you get a better quality print job. Using the right ink and paper will also prolong the life of your printer.

 • Choose the right resolution

The variable drop technology in Epson ink cartridges means you can print in a range of resolutions so you can choose the right one for the type of printing you’re doing. Printing at a lower resolution or in draft mode will use less ink, prolonging the life of your cartridges.

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 • Only clean your printer when necessary

Running the cleaning cycle on your Epson printer pushes ink through the cartridges to remove blockages, so running the cycle regularly will waste ink. Only run the cycle when your print jobs look blocky or smeared.

 • Turn off the printer when you’re not using it

Epson printers enter mini cleaning cycles at regular intervals when they are left on standby, meaning ink in your cartridges will be wasted. When turning off the printer make sure you do it at the control panel too instead of the mains socket, as this will ensure that the print head is realigned properly and will prevent it from drying out or getting blocked.

 • Make sure repairs are performed by certified Epson Service Centres

Usually the ink pads will be the first thing that will need replacing as they wear out the quickest. When this happens your printer will enter a safety mode to prevent drying out, which makes it difficult for users to replace the heads. Going to a professional who is licenced to repair Epson products will safeguard your printer and ensure it gets fixed properly.

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 • Change the cartridges as soon as the indicator is low

Epson printers have permanent fixed heads which mean if you run the cartridges to empty you may damage the heads by getting air sucked into them. This will require you to run several cleaning cycles when fitting new cartridges, meaning you’ll waste a lot of the new ink you’ve just put in your printer.

 • Print regularly

Printing out a full colour document at least once a week will prevent your cartridges from drying out and will ensure your printer is well maintained. If your printer is sitting unused for several weeks or months the print pads will become saturated with ink meaning your next print jobs will not be of optimum quality.

Do you have any tips/tweaks to get the most from Epson printers? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


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