Brother sewing machines have built a fantastic reputation over the years, in terms of both their quality and high performance. Due to this simple reason, Brother sewing machines have always been rated very highly, irrespective of how experienced or inexperienced you are at using sewing machines.

However, if something does happen to go wrong with your machine you’ll be pleased to hear there are many repair and service centres dotted all around the country. Where your machine will be repaired will very much depend on the type of problem you have, but many repairs are completed in-store. With that being said, there is a vast array of Brother support centres who can also complete any necessary repairs. This post will introduce you to the steps you need to take should your Brother machine need repairing.

brother sweing machine

• Warranty

The first you should always do is to check whether your sewing machine is still under warranty. The vast majority of Brother sewing machines come with a fantastic 25 year warranty, although there are some limitations to this. With that being said, you should find that most repairs and defects will be covered by the warranty. If your warranty has expired you should find that a Brother support centre is willing to repair your machine, although there will usually be a fee applicable for doing this, and it will also depend on the type of repair required.

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• Brother Support

Your next step will be to find a Brother support or service centre in your local area. The best place to start your search will be on the Brother website, and you also have the ability to call them direct to discuss your problems with an agent. It is also advisable that you check whether repairs can be completed on your specific model of Brother sewing machine, as many service centres and Brother dealers will only repair certain models of sewing machine. This will largely depend on the age of your sewing machine and where you purchased it from. If for any reason, Brother is unable to help you, it may be a case of finding an independent dealer who may be able to carry out repairs.  A worst case scenario would be to purchase a completely new sewing machine.

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• Taking Your Machine for Repair

brother sweing machine repair

You will need to take your Brother sewing machine to the support centre or specific dealer who will attempt to repair your machine. Once again, depending on what the actual problem is, the repair may mean that a new part or parts will need to be ordered, but the repair also includes installation of these pieces. It’s hard to put a timeframe on the repair work, as some parts may take weeks to be delivered, as often these may need to be shipped from a different country. However, the installation of new parts can usually be completed very quickly. With that being said, if the problem is nothing more than a minor repair, a dealer or support centre can typically deal with this within a few days and you should be able to take your machine home shortly afterwards and start using it again.

Do you have any more tips to repair a brother sewing machine? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


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