If you’re unaware of the term, Computer monitoring software then let me tell you that it is a type of application that can be installed on a computer to monitor and log everything that happens on that computer, for you to then look over at a later date.

It is usually used by schools & parents wanting to keep an eye on kids, or employers who want to keep an eye on their employees. There are a variety of monitoring applications available online, but in this article we’re going to take a look at one in particular: Gecko Monitor.

monitor from geko

Gecko Monitor is a stealth computer monitoring application from Gecko (parental control software is also available from them) which is available to download online from their website. Once installed and set up, Gecko Monitor will run in stealth, meaning it will be completely hidden from anyone using the computer. Even computer whiz kids won’t know it’s running, as you’ll see no sign of it in places like the start menu, task manager, add/remove programs tool or the program files directory. In fact, the only way to open the software is by using a key combination and password that you choose when you set up the program.

Gecko Monitor will start in hidden mode every time the computer is turned on, and will start monitoring from the moment someone starts using the computer. A range of activities will be monitored, and the reports will be organized into corresponding sections.


These sections will include:

  • Websites visited
  • Applications used
  • Files moved or deleted
  • Documents opened or saved
  • Documents, files or web pages printed
  • Anything copied & pasted
  • Anything typed (and the application or web page it was typed into)
  • Screen shots

All of this will be marked with the date and time and a few more pieces of information. Screen shots are taken every 30 seconds (although this can be changed in the settings) and every time a new web page is opened, so that you can have a quick glance at the content of any web page you don’t know.

Gecko Monitor also includes a remote reporting function via email. You can enter your details and have the reports send to your email address at intervals you choose. You can then look through the reports away from the monitored computer. All the features in the software are fully customizable in the settings, so you can have the software run exactly the way you want. You can even even have a password protected icon show in the task bar so that users know they are being monitored.

Gecko Monitor (and Gecko Filter) comes with a free trial, so you can test it out before you buy it (the cost is $39.75). To download the free trial head to the Gecko Computer monitoring software website now at geckomonitor.com


I am Jason Swagger, also knows as Krikeshav in the online world. I always had a keen interest in Technology and therefore, after completing Engineering in computer science and I started writing blogs. I believe that sharing knowledge would remove darkness from the world.

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