So what happens when Sony and Microsoft clash? Is it of any point to even compare the two or yes, there is a point. With both the companies launching their respective game consoles a month and a half back (almost at the same time), there clearly has been some deliberations within the tech fraternity.

Which one to choose! Reason being, both the manufacturers are indisputably and inarguably focused on doing the thing they do best- innovate and deliver. So let’s do a head to head comparison to see if there is a scope to pick the best from the two super products extended by world’s two gigantic manufacturers.

sony playstation 4
FeatureXbox OnePlay Station 4
PriceRs. 30,000Rs. 39,990
CPU8 Core Microsoft custom CPUSingle Chip X86, AMD “Jaguar” processor, 8 cores
Storage500 GB Hard drive500 GB 5400 RPM SATA II hard drive
External storageYes, USBNo
Removable hard driveNoYes, must be 160 GB, thinner than 9.5 mm
Cloud storageYesYes
Remote downloadYesYes
ControllersXbox One Wireless ControllerDual Shock 4
BluetoothNoBluetooth 2.1
Power supplyExternalInternal

Clearly coming to a stand concerning the difference between the two consoles and then arriving at a conclusion as to who wins over the other is quite a difficult task. Both Xbox One and PS4 take into consideration to combine in it the best of stuff that is required to make gaming an out-of-the-world experience. From voice commands, live streaming, to motion controls and amazing screen, both the consoles are apt for satisfying your need.

Moreover, apart from just facts, the basic message remains that both the consoles are pre-booked and have already managed to get their first stack disappaear from the market like hot cakes ever after its release. But having all said and done, who exactly will win the lead position in high definition gaming? The Xbox One or the PS4. Let’s see.


The PS4 is one of the cheapest game consoles launched by Sony in the market yet it beats Xbox One when it comes to certain features. Like what? PS4 can’t play audio CDs, MP3s or stream media over DNLA home network out of the box but Sony has promised to integrate all of these features in the upcoming software update, clearly making it difficult for Xbox One to justify its exorbitantly high price.

What seemed like being Xbox’s exclusive- PS4 camera with its ability to add voice commands and power for to recognize faces, does not seem to be so powerful anymore because it lacks gesture support. On the other hand, Softkinetic announced earlier this month that it will bring Kinect-like gesture controls to the PS4 via the PS4 camera.

Microsoft has not invested much energy behind increasing the quality of its controllers. It stays almost similar to the previous edition but Sony has again made significant changes in this front. The old DualShcok controller now comes with absolutely no flaw in case of PS4 and both the touchpad and speaker are interesting additions. But what stands out is of course the introduction of the concave triggers, a shape clearly designed for comfort.

Sony’s key strength was in digital-only games, while Xbox One users slightly favored the older format of digital discs. Again giving PS4 the edge over the Xbox experience.

• Turn-offs for both the consoles

At the end of the day, game consoles are all about games. Apart from the mega promises that these consoles extend to their users in terms of features and various components, there are some sure shot turn-offs as well. That too, related to your real gaming experience. In case of PS4, early purchasers risk the possibility to have promising games like DriveClub, Watchdogs, etc. in it because their launch have been majorly delayed. However, plenty of great multi-platform games – such as Assassin’s Creed and Lego Marvel Superheroes – look even better on PS4, with some in higher definition than on the Xbox One. But needless to say, not getting to avail the super amazing games that you want in your PS4 can be sheer turn-offs.

On the other hand, Xbox lets you down with its constant nagging to make the user buy games at full price. For instance,  Forza Motorsport 5, even though a great racer mechanically, constantly nags the user to buy better cars with real money, while Crimson Dragon and Ryse both lure you into the Xbox Marketplace for upgrades. Annoying!

So even though this seems like a tough call, it is advisable to take an informed decision before putting in all that money on the gadget you want so bad! No point in investing and getting disappointed in return. But if you have made your mind, then clearly do not waste time because the news says that if you book now, you will receive your device almost after two weeks from now. Such is the demand for Xbox and PS4 currently among game lovers!

• Here is a video from TechSmartt on Xbox One vs PS4 – Full Comparison

What’s your favorite PS4 or Xbox One? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


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