PSU: Power supplies for computer systems are incredibly sensitive to the power input from a wall socket. An improper ground within the socket can cause electrical failure within these units causing damage in the event of a brownout or other related circumstance.

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Although power supplies for computer and networking systems are relatively easy to replace in contrast to the other components, a failed PSU can lead to down time for a workstation. If this unit inside of a network switch fails due to power inconsistencies or brownouts, a large portion of your network could be disabled until a replacement is installed. This could lead to a great deal of down time for the organization.

Backup battery units level out the power flow in order to reduce this situation from happening. Although the batter backup’s primary design is to supply power during an outage, it can also double as a method to regulate the power. In the event of a brownout or other problem on the power lines, battery backup units provide the additional electricity that is needed in order to keep anything plugged into them operating consistently.

This aspect greatly reduces the chances of damage being caused to the PSU of the device plugged into the unit. If you don’t have a battery backup for your important computer devices, it may be in your best interest to shop today and find a unit that is perfect for your needs. Don’t risk downtime due to problems that arise on the power grid.


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