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how to write good blog

How To Write A Great Blog, Even If You Can’t Spell!

Lots of people want to write blogs but stop themselves because they feel like they can’t spell. While in daily living spelling may not be that important, when it comes to the written word, spelling matters a great deal. One way to turn off a reader faster than anything else…

Is There Room For Another CMS In A Crowded Market?

The CMS world has long been dominated by WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.  Is there room for a new CMS?  After many years of using WordPress predominantly I  started to think that there could be another way of looking at the design of a CMS.  CMSsystems generally use a theme based approach.  This means that the…
Register premium domains

Domain Name Business – Registering and Selling Domain Names at Register.com

When it comes to registering and selling domain names, it’s important to work with a firm that you can build a long-term relationship with. Some domain name registrars frequently come under fire for policies and up-selling techniques that only end up frustrating their customers, but others provide quality service that…
ways to create beneficial content

Tips to Make Your Content Beneficial Before Launching Your Website

I’m going to go over exactly what you need first and then go over how to get it. Some of you may have excellent content providers, some of you may be writing your content, but before we get into that I’ll show you what you NEED. Head back over and…
perfect web designing tips

Three Tips for Finding the Perfect Web Designer for Your Site

When you need to find a web designer for your next web project, it is important to choose someone who will do a good job at an affordable price. Ideally, finding a designer who is familiar with or has experience working in your market or industry would be best. Your…
mobile friendly website

Tips for Making a Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile phones and tablets are increasingly accounting for a larger proportion of internet traffic, so much so that website owners cannot afford to have a website that is difficult to use on these devices. Even Google is now primarily designing its services with mobile, rather than desktop, users in mind.…
Promoting nicely your blog

Does Your Blog Get the Love it Deserves?

Business owners have a multitude of ways to promote their brands. That being said, do they take advantage of all the different means available? Being a business owner in 2013 offers up the ability to promote one’s products and services through traditional advertising means such as print and radio/TV, social…
scroll page seo

How To Optimize Your Infinite Scroll Page For SEO

An infinite scroll page is when new content appears when you reach the bottom of a web page; as long as you are scrolling down (and reaching the bottom of the page), new content will incrementally load. Many social media sites use it (such as Facebook and Twitter) as it…
design mistakes done generally

Web Design Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

A website is a necessary marketing tool for small business owners. It allows you to create a place on the Internet unique to your business, providing a crucial forum for disseminating information about your product. There are some web design flaws that could end up costing you a lot of…
best wordpress plugins

Top 5 Essential WordPress Plugins For Niche Sites

Many WordPress plugins are available, some of them are free and some of them are paid plugins. Being a blogger it’s necessary to keep the helpful plugins that can increase the traffic of your blog and eventually website loading time should not be affected. So, keeping the less and best…