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How Facebook gaming concurred the social gaming market

We all have received those notifications from our friends on Facebook, “John Smith played a word in Words with Friends,” or “Sally May invited you to play Farmville2.”Facebook games are very popular among all different walks of life. Some like the competition between loved ones, others like the idea of…

8 Business Lessons From Pinterest

Pinterest has become the fourth largest source of traffic on the internet. Along the way it has created a different vision of what social networking can be. One of the interesting things about Pinterest success, is that unlike many other online companies, such as Google and Facebook, the founders do…
how to make money through social media

Social Media – A Great Avenue For Making Money Online

Social media is a great avenue to make that extra money you always dreamed of. Social media refers to online presence of communities, people, companies and associations. Popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc. Each of these platforms are for different segments of people. [ Don’t Miss: Social Media – One Problem Every Brand Faces? ]…
complete steps youtube_upload_video

The Complete Process To Upload Your Videos on YouTube

YouTube is the world’s biggest video sharing site. Uploading a video on YouTube is not a hard thing at all but sad enough, not many people know how to do it. When you are new to YouTube, uploading videos may seem a little bit intimidating. However, when u get used to it, it becomes…

Getting The Most Out of SEO and Social Media

You should have an effective SEO strategy in place if you wish to make your website a cut above the rest. Google’s algorithm is changing continuously so what works today may become obsolete in the future. Good web content, credible links, social presence etc are all important from the point…

The Ethical Minefield Regarding Social Media Marketing !

There can be no questioning on how the influx of social media has changed the very foundations of online marketing and how business and employees can conduct their online presence. Social media brought opportunities to directly interact with consumers and to build relationships that would make small village shops owners jealous. However,…

Should You Turn To Social Media To Build Revenue For Small Business?

Any company that is looking to expand in today’s world of business will understand the important of having an active online presence. As Twitter has over 5.5 million users, are these markets that small businesses can afford to overlook? Businesses may wonder, however, whether investing not only money but man…
Viral-Content success story

Is Virality the Key to Content Success?

When content ‘goes viral’, it means that the content has become popular through online sharing, typically through video sharing websites like YouTube, or social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. The concept of viral content has existed for a while, but has only been harnessed in content marketing relatively recently.…

Boost Your Business with Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Lead generation resides a warm issue and lots of users find for a latest functional method every day. Actually lead generations is making sales or achieve a goal for you, but on other hand, it happen to a stiff job sometime to obtain even a single sale or single goal.…

Facebook Ads Become a Necessity in 2019

With the starting of New Year, it is expected that we take occasion to end and imitate on the last year and scenario the year ahead. 2014 will be an additional year of quick advancement for internet marketers. In the Last Year, the ads scenery has developed and will carry…