Voice Over Internet Protocol, better known as VoIP, has grown in popularity over recent years. By using always-on internet connectivity to place phone calls, VoIP often has no additional costs on top of what one already pays for internet service. Despite being popular for years, new innovations and additions to VoIP are brought to the marketplace constantly.

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• Facebook Expand VoIP Features

First rolled out in Canada, Facebook has recently been adding and expanding a VoIP feature to its popular messaging app for smartphones in regions all over the world. While smartphones such as iPhones and Android devices and have seen a number of VoIP programs over the years, even well recognized services and VoIP pioneers such as Vonage and Skype do not have the user base of a service such as Facebook. As such, Facebook VoIP integration has great potential to bring Voice over Internet Protocol a level of familiarity and acceptance that may make it easier for grandparents to welcome VoIP with open arms.

Allowing users to make free phone calls of any length over a Wi-Fi connection means users may soon be okay with an ever shrinking pool of talk minutes on their wireless plans, meaning savings for consumers, especially those with pay-as-you-go plans rather than monthly or yearly commitments with blocks of talk time allocated each month.

Viber App Comes to Desktop

Meanwhile, another popular mobile phone VoIP app, Viber, has recently released its first PC and Mac app. Now Viber’s VoIP system can be used not only on smartphones, but on home computers. In addition to bringing Viber – and possibly VoIP in general – to a larger public, the home computer version of Viber integrates very well with the already established and respected mobile app. An account can be synced between the mobile and computer versions of Viber, meaning calls made through one can be logged, checked and even listened to again on the other. Calls can also be instantly switched from one to the other.

Using the Viber computer app to chat with your mom, but have to run out to the store? One click switching allows the call to seamlessly transfer over to your phone. Also, the home computer version of Viber implements video calling, giving users a feature that Skype users have enjoyed for years.

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• Rebtel Software Development

Lastly, Rebtel, yet another VoIP provider, has released a new Software Development Kit, or SDK, which will allow mobile app developers access to the technology Rebtel has developed for VoIP calling. Using this free software to code VoIP capability into their own apps could be a boon for millions of other mobile app developers. Dating services and social networks are the first likely adopters, allowing users of their apps to instantly place free calls to other users with whom they are making connections.

VoIP is changing the way we communicate, and in a world which is constantly becoming more connected, innovation and advancement in VoIP technology can bring with it interesting and fun ways to remain in touch.

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