There is little doubt that moving into a brand new office building should perk up even the most laid back of workforces, so why isn’t that the case with your own impending move? No matter how grimy and musty that old building seems to be, it was a place where your employees hung their hats from 9-5 for quite a few years.

It’s a little like that old pair of slippers that you really should kick to the kerb, but can’t because you’ve got so used to them being around. But onwards and upwards, so how to solve this little dilemma in an easy fashion? Well why not treat your staff to a little early Xmas present or two? We’ve got 2 very cool Kickstarter projects here that may just tip those scales in your favour once more!

• Haptix: Multitouch Reinvented

office- haptix

Touch screens may be old hat already, but can you remember how awesome they seemed when you first tried using them? Well this bad boy device adds a whole new dimension to that set of mechanics and we just know that some of your team will really enjoy this development. Haptix works as an interface that allows you to transform any surface into a Multitouch device. It combines the coolness of a touchscreen with the functionality of a mouse and keyboard setup.

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As well as being very sweet for adding more dimensions to your gameplay, the Haptix device offers a whole new world of possibilities to the workplace PC. Your R&D team can use their desk to sketch on and the output will appear on their screens, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You are bringing a real 3D functionality to your work desk with minimal outlay. Please check out the link for the lowdown on technical specifications but be prepared to be amazed. This device can work alongside your mouse but can replace it just as easily and the Multitouch layer feature is out of this world!

• L8 Smartlight: The SoundLess Speaker

office - l8 smartlight

Sometimes it’s nice to have a quiet office, especially when everyone needs to concentrate on their job in hand. So how do you deal with those annoying speaker noises that have been put in place to let your employees know about various alerts and incoming messages? Well, the L8 can do that and not even break a sweat! This little device is a battery powered mini squared lamp with a 64 LED multicolour matrix on one side and on the flip side is a Superbright LED with various sensors.

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Once you install this onto your system and tweak the output parameters, you can work away without missing a tweet or incoming mail message. You can also use this clever device to monitor the temperature and luminosity and all of this without a single intrusive audible alarm. Please check out the link and you will soon see how this wonderful creation could benefit you and your workforce.

All Packed?

If you have that feeling that your workforce need something to perk them up for that office move, you’ll not go far wrong with either of these beauties!

Do you like to share any office Tech tools? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


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