Internet marketing has been undergoing many changes off late. What was once held as standard practice is no longer acceptable. New practices came in vogue and the old ones died out. Google has mostly influenced the dynamics of content marketing. With the recent Penguin update and the Panda update, Google made clear its no-nonsense attitude.

Google became stricter, which lead to multiple changes in the SEO and internet marketing world. Google is a search engine that strives to give the most relevant information to its users. It doesn’t care that you spent four hours on link building. It will look at you only if you have something valuable to say. This value comes from content. The fastest way to make Google love you now is through quality content. And no, you cannot ignore Google and its guidelines if you are serious about your internet marketing.

content vs link building

► Why Content marketing is the Future:

On one hand, we have the classic link-building techniques that SEO people have been using since forever and on the other hand, we have content marketing, which is comparatively new, when it comes to marketing techniques. We cannot completely rule out link building as a marketing technique. It’s still there and it’s still working for people. However, with the new Google updates, the focus has largely shifted to content marketing. Here are a few reasons as to why you should take content marketing more seriously – The results from content marketing are quantifiable, whereas those from link building are not.

It’s the natural way to get links. In ink building, you insert your link, without being asked for it. In content, your link becomes a natural part of the text and people deliberately choose to read it, have a look at it, and share it.

It’s more interesting! Honestly, where is the fun and challenge in working on Excel spreadsheets, copying and pasting links all over the internet? The real fun is with content writing, where you get to write something new every now and then.

It’s easier- Getting good content writers is way more easier and cheaper than finding, hiring, and training a team of link builders. There are lots of people out there who have a flair for writing and won’t mind writing a piece for you for a few bucks. Whereas, if you have a team of link builders, you either have to find experienced individuals, who by the way ask for a lot of money or, you have to train the new bees, which takes more time, money, and effort than it is worth.

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It’s Google friendly. If you quietly keep producing great content, you really don’t have to bother about Google updates and the annoying guidelines. Remember, the guidelines are for those who think of straying. You don’t have to look for a quick fix for your SEO techniques. If you embrace content marketing, you’d be looking forward to a Google update rather than being scared of it.

Results from content marketing are more permanent and effective than those from ruthless link building.

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