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The internet has had a huge impact on our lives. It has become a powerful tool for obtaining information, entertainment, and social networking. With the availability of seamless network services and advanced gadgets, surfing has become very easy. Although we can surf any website wherever there’s an internet connection, sometimes we find that certain websites can’t be accessed. This is because some websites are blocked by the administrators of a network, or even government authorities. This internet censorship has banned internet users from surfing their favorite websites. It makes it difficult for them to fully enjoy social networking and other online activities at places like schools, colleges, and workplaces.

• Commonly Blocked Websites

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Yahoo Messenger, Gmail, Flickr, Myspace, and various gaming sites are blocked in corporate offices, schools, and sometimes even in entire countries! Social bookmarking sites such as Reddit and Digg are also blocked in some regions. Countries like China and Pakistan restrict access to mainstream media websites. All this annoys the user and limits their freedom. Citizens of these countries are not the only ones who are affected by these restrictions – tourists that travel to these countries have to deal with it too. These situations make millions of us look for a solution that will allow us to fully enjoy the internet anywhere and anytime. The best solution available to open blocked websites is a VPN or virtual private network.

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• VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN is one of the best tools to access blocked websites and content by overcoming network or region-based website restrictions. VPN is an advanced technology that enables the user to unblock Facebook at school and access other blocked websites that you would not be able to access otherwise. The Virtual Private Network acts as a secure tunnel on the public network and enables anonymous web surfing by hiding your IP address. In addition to anonymity, the VPN software provides maximum security by encrypting the data transferred. Thus, the user enjoys web surfing away from the prying eyes of hackers and other internet threats. There is various VPN software are available on the market, but Hotspot Shield is the most reliable and the best VPN.

• Hotspot Shield VPN, the best free VPN

Developed and designed by Anchorfree, Hotspot Shield VPN works seamlessly on various platforms like PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. It’s advanced software that can bypass internet filters imposed by network admins or government authorities allowing the user to access blocked websites easily and privately. Best of all, this is free VPN software that is easy to install and use!

• Why? Hotspot Shield VPN :-

  • Makes it easy to access blocked websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and online games
  • Hides your IP online which allows you to surf privately
  • Safeguards the user against internet threats like malware, Trojans, phishing and identity theft
  • User friendly
  • Excellent performance on both wired and wireless connection
  • No administrative rights required to download, install, or run

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