Conventional advertising is no longer considered effective, especially if a law firm wants to stay ahead of the competition. Social media marketing has become very popular as companies seek ways to promote their products and services in a unique.

It has also helped to boost interaction between companies and their clients. Facebook Boost and Google Ads are some of the new marketing channels that law firms can take advantage of.

• Facebook Boost

Facebook has introduced several updates to increase their advertising options. Boost posts are some of the most popular advertising options for anyone who relies on Facebook for advertising. Law firms can take advantage of Boots posts to target a market based on interests. Boost posts allow companies to take advantage of keywords that Facebook users have an interest in. This makes it easy for a firm to target an audience by focusing on a particular topic based on the things they are interested in. Conventional Facebook posts only reach a small number of people. Facebook Boost is different because a firm has to pay for the posts. It is an effective way of expanding your reach. Law firms can use Boosts when they introduce products and services and hold promotions and events.

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To use Facebook Boost effectively, law firms have to research the user’s interests before they can identify the right ones. Boost posts make it easy for a firm to use some of the keywords that the audience uses to come up with an effective ad and it takes a lot of testing to determine suitable keywords for the specific audience that the law firm wants to target. One of the main benefits of using Facebook Boost is that that it allows for targeted advertising. When law firms use this channel for advertising, they are not simply targeting any Facebook fan. It makes it possible to determine if the audience has an interest in the services and products that are on offer before targeting them for advertising.

• Google Ads

Google ads advertising allows firms to make expandable displays advertisements using Google Ads. These ads are different from the promoted posts and sponsored stories that you get on Facebook because they show on the Google+ platform. Law firms can take advantage of this advertising channel to reach the Google Display Network websites, which include mobile devices. This means that a company can reach over 2 million sites using a post Ad and it can be compared to mainstream social media advertising but it allows you to reach an even larger audience.

Google Ads ads are considered brand friendly because they allow companies to use some of their Google content, which is available to the public to come up with engaging ads. One of the best features of this type of ad is that users are able to comment on an organization’s Google Ads and even share them with other people within their network.

Law firms can pay for the Google+ posts and come up with more relevant advertising. The ads are live and interactive and they are designed to be more applicable to the users compared to conventional banner ads. These ads are the best option if a law firm wants to direct users to its Google+ profile. Users can access the ads from a variety of sites and click on them. The users can also engage with other people on topics related to the law firm.

The Google +posts run on various platforms across the internet and this makes them different from other forms of social media advertising. They are live and this allows users to engage in conversations with the firm. Users can ask questions and make comments in real time. The ads are especially important for law firms, which have to keep interacting with their existing and potential clients. Law firms can interact with anyone who has a legal problem through the Google Ads.

Interaction is very important for any organization that wants to stand out from its competitors. Users want a company that listens to their concerns and these posts make this possible. Another advantage of these posts is that they have been designed to work on various platforms including tablets, desktops, and Smartphone’s. Improving engagement is necessary if a law firm wants to increase its conversations. Google Ads allow immediate interactivity and this makes it possible for law firms to fulfill their audience’s needs.

Facebook Boost and Google Ads, what do you think is a better choice for law firm? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


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