Information Technology now has taken over almost every industry of the world. The progress of all industries depends greatly on the ongoing developments in IT. What are the parameters through which one can judge the progress and position of any industry in a particular market?

travel industry

Customer service is the main determinant through which one cannot only judge one’s own progress but also of competitors. The more efficient an industry is in providing customer service, the more likely it is to create a good repute in the market.

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Trends in customer service are revised with every new development in IT. Today every industry, no matter health, education, defense, beauty or any other has moved its services online. Doing this, industries have been able to serve their customers in more advanced and convenient ways.

Here the focus is on role of IT in improving online travel industry services. Like all other industries, the travel sector also shifted its services online. Turning online, the sector has seen much progress in creating an enhanced online experience for its customers. Customers can make online bookings while sitting at home, working in office or any other place.

Although, shifting online has improved the travel industry services to a greater extent; but it does have some discrepancies as well. While making online bookings customers can’t find someone real to whom they could have one-on-one conversation to remove their queries and concerns. The Travel industry still needed to put their customers in long waiting queues to get reply of their emails. In asimilar way, helping through phone, the travel agents also have their customers waiting in long queues for their turns. This is here, where travel industry owners felt the need of live chat software. After implementation of this web-based chat application, the travel industry saw considerable improvements in its customer service and in-turn a rapid increase in overall revenues. See how implementing this handy tool has helped travel industry to improve its online service.

Having live chat on their website, the travel service providers have been able to give a human touch to their websites. Moreover, incorporation of live help on travel industry websites provided a fair chance to chat agents to develop a quick, real time and easy connection with the worldwide customers. Online chat enables support personnel to provide on-the-spot assistance to their customers. Chat agents also help customers in making quick online bookings.

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Using live support service, the chat reps provide instant and accurate guidance to their customers about the’ holiday packages’ advanced bookings, cancelling tickets, booking cancelation and much more. Providing more personalized and detailed assistance, online reps also guide customers about different prices of different packages. Moreover, online support agents also help customers in selecting the travel packages within their allocated budgets. Other than providing help about online bookings, the chat reps also guide customers on finding a hotel as per their demands. Moreover, they can also push links carrying images of different places and restaurants to their customers, to make it easy for them to decide on what they want to choose. If a customer is planning to travel abroad, the expert chat agents will give him details on ‘currency conversion’ as well.

There is no denying the fact that live chat software has double folded the online services of travel industry.


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