Social media is a great avenue to make that extra money you always dreamed of. Social media refers to online presence of communities, people, companies and associations. Popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc. Each of these platforms are for different segments of people.

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It can be used to make more money online if used in the right way. Social Media Marketing is really huge currently. You can become a person who designs a company’s social media pages. For example, you can start by offering your services to create a Facebook page for a startup. You can charge a small amount of money in the initial stages. Based on the success of your page, you can start charging more for designing a social media page.

You could also take up the responsibility of maintaining the social media page or an account. For instance, if a company ABC runs a twitter account, you could take up the responsibility of posting sensible content and aim at strategies to gain more followers. For instance if a company has a campaign for supporting children, they might have a child support phone number which has to be conveyed to the audience on social media. This can be done effectively if the right kind of followers are following the company’s twitter page and the relevant child support phone number is posted as a tweet.

It can also be a great place for corporations to target their customers better. It also helps in understanding customers better. Facebook and Twitter are regarded as the most widely followed social media platforms. There are also other alternate sites such as Pinterest, Quora, Blogger, Path etc. Pinterest is a great avenue to display the products of a company. Pinterest allows users to collect or pin the areas of interest. Quora is a Question and Answer site with a large number of active users. If you are able to grab the interest of relevant target market, you are successful in leveraging social media to your advantages. It also helps a lot to keep up with the trend and use professionals to design and maintain content on official social media pages.

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It is not very difficult to become social media savvy. The best way towards this is to become a user of social media products and services. Being active on social media, helps in creating awareness on the latest social media trends. Lots of analytic companies have been started in the social media space. These companies analyze data that is relevant to the companies to draw meaningful interpretations. It helps to keep an eye on social media pages and presence of top competitors.

it is also relatively cheaper than mainstream media such as newspaper, television and also helps in collecting demographics of customers and prospects. If done appropriately, social media marketing can help companies achieve greater operational efficiencies. Overall, social media is a great avenue for making more money online.


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