Bedroom, kitchen, utility room, bathroom; these are all essential rooms in a house. However in the 21st century, an increasing number of people are finding that the modern house needs one more room quintessential to the living experience …. a gaming room!

It may seem like having a whole room dedicated to gaming is every boys fantasy (and some cool girls too) but you might be surprised to find that this certain fantasy can be bought into reality with the right know-how!

From custom painted PCs to a LAN scoreboard; the sky is truly the limit when it comes to designing your future favorite room!

gaming room designing

• Things to Consider

There are a number of aspects you should take into consideration whilst planning your games room.

Keep in mind the size of your room, the budget that you have and the overall style of the room as you look over these points.  By doing this you will begin to form an idea as to what the room will actually look like.

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• Never let there be a dull moment

We’ve all been there; sitting on our mates couch whilst they play through the new Grand Theft Auto for hours on end. This is known in the industry as ‘controller hogging’ – and yes, we’ve all been guilty of it at one point or another.

So, why don’t you instate the 1st commandment from the word of the pad in your games room – ‘Thou Shalt Never Be Gameless’.

So when one person is on a kill streak rampage on the newest Call of Duty, two other people can be playing a game of Super Smash Bros VS mode against each other on the SNES.

• Consoles, TVs & chairs

Make sure there are a variety of different TV HD screens in your room connected to a variety of different consoles (SNES, N64, PS3, etc.) that you have managed to collect over the years.

However, you should remember that you have a piéce de résistance; the biggest TV. It’s also important to remember that you should remember to have a reasonable amount of chairs pointed at your biggest TV; Mario Kart 64 is always best played with four people!

Never fail to overlook the power of a handheld device also – a casual copy of Pokémon to pick up and play goes a long way.

The gaming chairs you use also plays a vital role in your gaming room set up and comfort, so choose wisely as the chair should blend with the room design.

• Arcade Machines

Have you ever considered investing your money into an arcade machine? By going that extra mile and getting your own old school arcade machine to play Street Fighter II Turbo (or perhaps Time Crisis!) you will have transformed your games room into an ultimate gaming paradise. Let people know you have a serious passion for gaming; nothing says gaming nerd like your own Ms Pacman arcade machine.

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• Cater for all people

Gamers can tend to be a selfish hobby; people immerse themselves in digital worlds for hours on end. However, what will always be true is that gaming is most fun when you have many people in a room enjoying themselves. Not everyone likes to play solely CoD or Singstar or FIFA all day long; so collect a variety of different games which everyone can enjoy. Here are some good examples of multiplayer gaming.

  • Mario Party (N64)
  • Wii Sports (Wii)
  • Mario Kart (Wii)
  • Dance Central 3 (Xbox 360)
  • Counter Strike (PC)

Remember; your gaming room should be the ultimate gaming sanctuary for any budding gamer. On top of all the above points you should remember to keep your games room as comfortable as possible… refrigerated storage for snacks and beers being paramount to the gaming experience!

Have you designed your gaming room? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


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