We all have received those notifications from our friends on Facebook, “John Smith played a word in Words with Friends,” or “Sally May invited you to play Farmville2.”Facebook games are very popular among all different walks of life. Some like the competition between loved ones, others like the idea of distractions they provide from everyday life, and yet others find comfort in building a community.

With popular ones such as Words with Friends, Farmville, Zynga Poker, and many more out there, almost anyone can find a game to their liking. You can be a farmer, a Mafia member, a treasure hunter or simply yourself popping or matching bubbles, regardless, whatever floats you’re fancy, and you can bet your bottom that Facebook games are growing very popular among its users.


• Not Just Another Board Game

Facebook Brings Back Family Game Night! Facebook brings Family Game Night to a new age’s style. Many families have grown apart with the fast growing technology in this day of age. Along with the constant studies showing that bringing back Family Game Night is critical to connecting with your children, Facebook provided the best solution. Facebook has opened the doors to limitless possibilities for families to connect.

What better way to hash things out with your siblings, or to see if Dad “really has what it takes” then to challenge each other to a game. However, the idea of gathering everyone in one place, providing refreshments, and setting up and taking down a messy, complicated, involved board game sounds repulsive. Besides, Jr. Lives about an hour away anyways, makes it virtually impossible for him to attend. No fear, let’s just log onto your Facebook account and instantly open up numerous games to duel it out with your loved ones. Virtual games on Facebook have become very popular in bringing back the golden days of Family Game Night.

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• Got Gaming on Your Mind?

What better way to pass the time then to whip out your favorite electronic device and start popping those balloons, or growing your carrots, or duking it out with the Mafia? Having trouble keeping little Johnny quiet while you run into the store, just to get the one cup of sugar you need for tomorrows bake sale? Think of Facebook games; put it in your brain’s memory, to bring it out for another day. With the growing popularity of Facebook gaming, there are games to fit everyone’s interests.

“You Just Passed Your Friend’s Score”

We all like to feel proud of ourselves. We all like to achieve something and be the best we can, and secretly beat the pants off of your childhood friend. Let’s face it, posting that you outscored your top friend will put a smile on anyone’s face. The popularity in Facebook games derives from the drive to achieve something, be someone you could only dream about, go on a treasure hunt, or protect cute, little animals. It doesn’t matter your passion or interest, there is a game for you!

• A Sense of Community

Facebook games create a community for gamers. We like the interaction of working as a team, helping each other out with tools, techniques or knowledge. The more you help your neighbor out, the further along you can get in your own game. Think Facebook is all just fun and games? Think again, providing a sense of community builds character in its gamers. Most games provide a fan page to seek out additional community help for the greater good. Even some of these community outreach games can lead to long lasting Facebook Friends.

Do you think Facebook gaming concurred the social gaming market? Do share your opinion in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


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