When you upload photos to Facebook, the photos will be stored in Albums. If you want to delete a photo album, for whatever reason it may be, you will not find the delete button or an easy way to delete the entire photo album. But remember, if you delete an entire album, you will lose all the photos in it, so be confirmed about deleting an entire photo album.

Follow the below steps to delete a photo album on Facebook:

1. Login to your Facebook account and then click on Photos on the left panel.

facebook photos

2. You will see My Albums tab, click on it.

my albums

3. Now click on Albums, to navigate to photo albums.

add photos

4. Now select the Album which you want to delete and then click on it.

delete photo

5. Now click on Edit, to see more album options.

Edit album

6. Now you will see a Trash icon, click on it.

delete album photo

7. Now if you are confirmed, just click on Delete Album.

delete album

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