We have heard about Google’s Panda and Penguin and what they can do to the ranking of your website but most of us are still not aware of the difference between the two. While Panda focuses more toward duplication or spun content, Penguin is a little difficult to understand, as it focuses on anchor text and backlink patterns.

The major concern among seo experts is that Google likes to take a massive manual action just before its major algorithm updates. Still Google’s Search Quality team is willing to listen to all those legit sites that have been hit hard by these updates and this is certainly good news for webmasters.

penguin update

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 • Make good content

It is very essential now to write good content and compromising on the costs to get content is not going to help any longer. Visitors will not come if they don’t like what you have write on your website or find it useful. A bad user experience straight way equal to lower Google rankings and the equation is that simple. Do get value content if you want to get recognized in the eyes of search engines.

A better user experience will benefit SEO-wise. Follow these Google Penguin friendly link building strategies.

• Get social leverage
The social signals are going to get even more important in the coming years. Make sure to share all your posts on major social pages and don’t get lazy about it. There are loads of tools and plugins that can help automate this process. You are making a big mistake if not sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn.

• Expand your anchor texts
Another of those Google Penguin friendly link building strategies to keep in mind is to avoid over-optimization, both on-page and off-page. Goggle certainly doesn’t like it of you are forcing it to rank your page higher and will not look at your favorably. It will find it unnatural to see the exact keyphrase being used by different websites to link naturally to your page. So, the solution lies in diversifying the keyphrase and offer linking in a natural way.

• Don’t ignore the inner pages
Most SEO experts are still making the mistake of linking only their home page. But Google will smell a rat if it sees most links pointing only to your homepage. The home page, no doubt is the most important page but if you want to look logical in the eyes of the search engines, get links for the inner pages too. Internal links are also getting very important.

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• Avoid Quantity and look for Quality
This has been said many times before but most SEO experts still tend to ignore this advice and believe in quantity. If you manage to get a large amount of backlinks, even from quality sites, Google will still penalize your website. One good link from a high quality blog post is worth 100 from low quality ones. There are examples of pages ranking higher with fewer links. If not today, sometime, your website is sure to get hit by Google.

Just keep in mind the above Google Penguin friendly link building strategies to avoid being on the Penguin’s hit list. Penguin 2013 has already left many business owners scared and confused. Just keep your strategies simple and honest.

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What’s yours effective link building strategies? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.This guest post is contributed by Donald. Who is an experienced internet marketer who is working in this industry for last 7 years. He is specialized in Search engine marketing, social media marketing, and PPC and Monetization research. He also experience in niche research for niche site developing.


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