After more than ten years, Google has released a new search algorithm. The latest bird release of Google is not just any update like the Panda or the Penguin. The Google Hummingbird is whole new search algorithm and it tries to make searches more intuitive while delivering quick and precise search results.

Humming effects on rankings

Aside from being more than just an update, another difference that the Google Hummingbird has from the Panda and the Penguin is that it has quietly been implemented over the last month. This is quite unlike the Panda and the Penguin which created a bit of noise especially with the number of websites whose rankings dropped dramatically. But with Google’s official announcement about the Google Hummingbird, every SEO company is wondering how this will affect their SEO efforts.

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If your company wants to look for some SEO consulting services for the first time, any time is a good time because the Google Hummingbird should not affect how a good SEO company does SEO. The Hummingbird is seen to be put into practice with mobile users in mind because its two main features are first, more conversational search terms and second, better and improved voice search. The thrust of both of these seem to be towards mobile device users.

The Google Hummingbird should not drastically change your SEO efforts if you have been doing good SEO work. What it does, however, is to shift the focus from keyword-centered search to a more contextual one. It is not just asking which keywords are in the search box and which web pages have these keywords as well. What it now asks is what is the meaning behind the words in the search box and which web pages have relevant up-to-date information related to this.

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Because of this, you can now put in a question in Google’s search box and expect to see more precise and relevant search results. The only thing that many SEO companies might put less focus on is using just a few selected keywords and focus on what information that their target audience might be interested in and delivering it in good quality content. Since a keyword-focused approach on SEO has long waned with previous Google updates, the Hummingbird has, again, very little effects on good SEO efforts.

What the Hummingbird does in an SEO perspective is simply to emphasize that a website’s content and the quality of this content matters highly. Content is still king after all.

 Did you noticed any SEO affects after Google Hummingbird algorithm update? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


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