Couchtuner is one of the most used and amazing website to watch free movies and TV shows. But the most important thing is that it is 100 percent free unlike other video streaming platforms like NetFlix and Amazon Prime Videos. But since everything has its own flaws, the movies and Tv shows you get here is a pirated version. It does not host any videos of its own rather it only redirects you to an appropriate website where you can watch you favourite show. Even the users of couchtuner do not have to register to watch any of the videos on other platforms. And this is something we always look for because on most of the sites it is mandatory to register to use its services.

When you visit the website of Couchtuner, you find it very simple. On the top left corner you will find the logo and just below the logo you will find the options like TV Listing, How to watch, and Search shows. Below that you find some of the trending shows and videos. On the right-hand side you get a long list of Tv shows which can further be extended. You also find an option to look at the latest shows and movies. But if you are unable to get your favorite show from the list provided then you can also search for it by just putting the name of the show and clicking on Enter.

Couchtuner was started in the year 2010 and it mostly focuses on Tv shows streaming. You can use this platform to stream Tv shows at your own ease either on laptops or your smartphones.

Since there are drawbacks in even the most beautiful things, so there are some in couchtuner too.

  • You do not get a lot of choices as the Title choices are a few so for almost everything you will have to search by name of the show or movies.
  • The most annoying thing that I have observed is that sometime you will not get some of the streaming files. This is highly irritating and frustrating if you are watching a series and you find that some of the episodes are missing.
  • I won’t say about others but I didn’t find the interface user friendly. You can also observe this if you visit the site once.

Therefore, looking at these flaws I have collected a list of its alternatives and today we will be discussing about couchtuner alternatives which you will find useful.

Since couchtuner shows only pirated TV streaming videos therefore we do not recommend it and therefore we are providing you its alternatives.

Couchtuner alternatives

1) 123moviesHUB – Best free couchtuner alternative website

movies hub an alternative to couchtuner

It is one of the best online streaming site to watch Hollywood movies online. The most annoying thing that we find in an online streaming website is that we find a lot of Ads. These ads are either in the form of Pop-Up Ads or tons of ads on the screen making us unable to click on the appropriate place. But this site is free from Ads. The user experience is amazing and you get a lot of options to sort out your favourite movies.

There are two Menu option of the top of the Homepage –All Movies and Actors. You can choose which movie to watch from all the available movies or sort out the list of movies by Actor’s name. Apart from this you also get a lot of options to sort out your favourite movie to watch. You can sort by release year and also from the list of 20 genres available. If you are looking for the latest movies then you can find it on the Homepage only. The quality of the videos present on this website is very good.

But to watch the full movie you will have to register on the website which is 100 percent free. Anyway to watch my favourite movie I can give my 2 minutes in a simple registration process.

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2) Netflix -Best paid couchtuner alternative

best video streaming platform

The most used streaming video platform used worldwide is Netflix. There are other platforms too but none of them are as good as Netflix. Here, you get access to a large number of online TV shows, Movies, documentaries and most important of them is the Netflix originals which is an ultimate collection for the Movie and Tv show lovers. But Netflix is not free to use. It comes with a subscription plan. There are a lot of amazing and famous originals by Netflix like Stranger things, Altered carbon, Orange is the new Black and many more.

It is true that Netflix is not a free to use platform for online video streaming but it is the best platforms of all. You get three plans in Netflix i.e, Basic, Standard and Premium. For a basic plan you have to pay Rs 500, Rs 650 for standard and Rs 800 for premium. All these plans have only limitation to the numbers of users not on the accessibility of the videos and Tv shows present on Netflix.

But the good news is that you can have a free one month subscription plan and this subscription has nothing to do with which plan you choose. You can choose any plan and get a free one month subscription. So try it once and if you do not find it useful to you then you can take your decision in a month. Once you get a free one month subscription you get access to each and every videos present on Netflix and you can watch these videos anywhere you want.

Netflix can be accessed in a laptop, computer, smartphone and tablet. Therefore, I do not find any reason to not use this platform. I use it myself too and I am very happy with the online streaming videos present here. Therefore, I can say that its one of the best alternative to Couchtuner.

3) Cucirca

Cucira alternative to couchtuner

Cucirca is a free online platform and it is same as Couchtuner. Unlike Netflix there is no subscription plan and you even do not have to sign up or sign in to watch your favourite shows. It has a large number of excellent Tv shows collection which includes the amazing Game of Thrones, The Flash, Arrow, The walking dead etc.

But the one thing which is not good is that like couchtuner it also do not have anything hosted in its own platform and redirects you to some other platforms where VPN is needed to use in some of the countries.

Apart from this, it is also an illegal platform to say as the shows or videos you see here is also pirated and piracy is always illegal. It do not have any movies and can only be used for watching TV shows. The user interface which is always required for a good experience is also not there and we got a lot of complains from many users about Pop Up Ads. The navigation is slightly poor but in spite of all these it is one of the best alternatives to Couchtuner.


One of the best and most fan followed video streaming platform with a large number of fan followings is People are crazy for this platform from the time it got launched.

But this platform is same like Couchtuner in way that it also shows pirated version of the TV shows, Movies and documentaries. But it has a huge collection of videos and therefore it is so much famous.

But you always need to be a little careful while using this platform because you get a lot of links and may end of infecting your computer or laptop with a malware. There is also a risk that you may be caught violating any copyright laws and end up somewhere you don’t want.

You can browse movies by year, genre and names and can even ask for uploading movies you want to watch if that movie is not present on the platform. The most irritating thing that I have come up with using this platform is the Pop Up Ads which makes it a little irritating to use. Otherwise, this is a good platform for online streaming of videos and watching your favourite shows. I can say that the best alternative to Couchtuner.

5) Let Me watch This

let me watch online movie

This is certainly a good place to watch your favourite TV shows without spending any penny. The content which is present here is huge and you can find almost every Tv shows here. All the content are free to use for lifetime and all the latest TV shows are updated here.

This site is different from other sites because here you can comment and even see other people comments and then decide which video to watch and which video to neglect. It is not necessary to create an account here but if you want to create then you are free to create an account here. You are not asked for any subscription plan .

One more thing that makes this platform different from others is that you can download music free of cost here.

6) HULU-One of the best paid couchtuner alternatives

Hulu is one of the most popular online video streaming platform by which you can watch your favourite videos on the internet on your devices such as TVs, Smartphones etc. At Hulu, you get all your TV shows and Movies which is very easy to watch anywhere and anytime with just a working internet connection. It has a handful of online streaming contents like TV series, Hulu originals and contents exclusively for kids and many more. You can find two sub categories which show the Current session TV and the Past sessions. This is very helpful for the audience as you can decide yourself whether you want to watch the previous sessions first or start with the latest sessions.

But the best thing about Hulu is that you can even watch Live games and matches which is even not present in its competitor Netflix. Like Netflix, it also has its own originals series and they are best ones you can ever find.

But Hulu is not a free alternative to Couchtuner as it is a paid video streaming platform like Netflix. It comes with two plans; the first one is named as Hulu which provides access to all the contents except Live TV. This costs $5.99/ month but like Netflix it also provides one month free trial. The second plan comes with the Live TV option and is called as Hulu Live which is highly costly and comes at $ 39.99/ month and just provides a free trial of 7 days.

So, you have enough money to spend on the paid version and you just want to watch Tv series and movies then Hulu is the best option to go for as an alternative to Couchtuner.

7) Fmovies

Fmovies is free to use platform for video streaming. It is a highly popular online video streaming platform in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. It also redirects you to a particular URL but the interface is highly clean. You do not get a lot of Ads and can find your content very easily.

There are many options to find your video by genres, Country, Release date, Movies, Tv series, Top IMDB and previously watched.

Once you are on the Homepage, you can see the newly added Movies and Tv shows sliders. As you move below the sliders you will get the option of the Suggested and below that latest and this makes you very easy to choose the videos you want to watch.

They also have the option to request for the movies where you can request your favourite movies or TV shows you want to be added in the library.

Therefore, if you do not want a video streaming website with lot of Pop up Ads then it would be your best choice as an alternative to Couchtuner.

8) Solarmovie

Solarmovies is much like the two platforms discussed above Fmovies and PutLocker, however, its user interface is much more interactive than these two platforms. The simplicity of the Homepage makes it look different and brilliant. SolarMovie is very easy to use and you do not have hunt for a specific Tv show or movie.

It is free to use and definitely stands out from the crowd as a famous choice to Couchtuner for internet streaming. You can find a lot of options to choose from like Generes, Movies, TV series, Episodes and Top IMDB.

But we found that it has a lot of content on Tv series rather than Movies. The Pop-Up Ads are the biggest issue you face on this site.

9) Movie4U

As the name suggests, Movie4U is one of those CouchTuner choices, which has endless in its social affair yet in wording TV shows up; they are far behind. Movies are planned in the going with bits, New Releases, Featured Movies, Latest Added, Latest HD films, Genres and Coming soon. Their movie gathering is a rich one, which contains films of different classes and vernaculars.

You’ll quickly get both latest and most prepared movies on this site, without taking the distress of looking much.

The downside with this free online video watching webpage is its pop-ups. At whatever point you tap on a particular class or film; an irritating commercial pop up would get opened.

Moreover, their non attendance of stock in TV shows pulls them behind as these days, the advancement around TV exhibits it is more than that for movies.

Yet at the same time, in the event that you are a film sweetheart, at that point it will be a decent decision for you. 

10) The Dare TV

The Dare TV can be known as the wonderful choice over Couchtuner as it provides a very clean and classy user interface. The best part is that you do not have to spend any money here. There is also an option to download the movies and Tv shows from here without any registration and all.

If you visit the Dare TV site now you will get more than 30 subcategories of movies and TV shows. Apart from these sub-categories, categories like “Recently Added Shows” and “Recently Updated shows” makes this website a single website with a great interface.

11)The watch Series

Watch Series has its own exclusive history. Both watch series and Couchtuner was started at the same time. Couchtuner became more popular but Watch Series believed in its reliable user interface and concentrated on this. Today, you cannot find Couchtuner but Watch Series is still available and has became a better choice than Couchtuner.

This site has a huge database of old and new TV series. Not only TV series but it also has a good collection of Movies and Animations. Once you are on the website you won’t try any other free video streaming platform. This is because, you won’t get any annoying Pop-Up Ads here.

12) Alluc

Alluc is exceptional among other online video spilling page which is among the CouchTuner choices, yet with a twist. Alluc basically fills in as a free web searcher.

In case you can’t remember the names of such tremendous quantities of goals, simply review the name of the specific case, which is Alluc. In the event that you have to watch a particular film or TV appearances, give it a request in this present site’s interest bar.

Alluc will give you associations and URLs of those locales where you can direct watch or download movies, and TV shows up. The characterizations featured in this site are, Watch Movies and Watch TV shows up.

In case you disregard to screen the names of such huge quantities of areas, by then Alluc would fill in as your one-stop objective. 

13) Rainierland

Our next alternative to Couchtuner which is in our list is Rainierland. It’s a website where you can find a lot of options like watching the movies and television shows as well there is an option to download them too. All the options like drama, animation, action, comedy. Thriller, romance, mystery crime war and lots more can be found here.

The collection of videos is neither too much nor too low. But you can find a lot of Tv series than Movies. Pop-Ups ads are an issue and many of the visitors leave this site in a small amount due to fear of malware and virus. But if they can solve this issue then visitors might like it better than Couchtuner.

14) Popcornflix

Popcornflix is one of the competitive sites to the Couchtuner and better known as the favourite alternative to Couchtuner. The best quality of this site is that you can watch free movies, Tv shows, documentaries and other videos free of cost with an amazing arrangement.

We can say that it is as good as Netflix without any subscription plans. This makes it one of the best sites among all the alternatives and it is most popular in many European countries.

They also put money into making of films by helping many producers. The classes that you find here is Action, Drama, Science fiction, Romantic etc.

Therefore, if you have any plans to make a professional entry in motion picture industry then it’s the best choice to get into. It is one of the best alternatives to Couchtuner with a great choice among many people around the world. 

15) AZ Movies

Az movies online watch

AZ Movies also known as A to Z Movies goes with the online film and TV exhibit spouting organization that revolves around offering you the new HD releases. Not under any condition like a substantial bit of the areas, you would find subject to online video spouting, AZ Movies offers a sublime interface and the HD accounts (1080p).

The idea of the accounts gave on AZ Movies makes the site page hugely acclaimed among the most prominent discourses including Reddit where this site is normally endorsed for video spilling.

AZ Movies does not have any substance in solitude server. Or then again perhaps they rub different regions and association out to content on OpenLoad and others which envision them to wander into any hazard concerning robbery. Thusly, in the event that you are searching for a Couch Tuner elective which has a huge collection of movies and TV Shows and besides offers better than average quality, and AZ Movies is the stage your heart is searching for. Along these lines, spilling nerds, fix your seat straps and get ready for an amazing experience to the world stacked with constant movies and TV Shows, called AZ Movies.

Some Frequently Asked Questions?

Is Watching videos on Couchtuner is legal?

Couchtuner redirects you to a site or destination where you get the pirated content and piracy is illegal worldwide. Therefore, it is not legal to watch movies on Couchtuner. It breaks copyright law and takes all the videos from other websites. So, the website was closed but still they are running with their some of the sub-domains.

The sub-domains are


Always, keep it clear in your mind that watching from these sites are illegal and you can even get into legal trouble if you do not stop watching video files from these sites.

Is Couchtuner safe to watch movies online?

Since, Couchtuner uses only pirated version of the videos therefore, you must have to be cautious while watching anything on this site. The site is also full of lots of ads which is not safe and you can get infected by many viruses.

For example- We are telling you what we have encountered on this website. When we open the website we saw a lot of options like update your media player to watch the video and update Real player but these options were not the genuine once. When we clicked on these options we were redirected to another website which are risky and can inject malware to your system.

What is VPN and How to access Couchtuner with a VPN?

A VPN is the short form of Virtual Private Network. It is used to secure your system or your searches over the internet connection and makes your system secure against phishing and from hackers.

VPN is not a free to use tool. You can only get a VPN service by making a payment. However, few service providers may offer a free trial for 30 days. Check the best VPN services here.

It doesn’t matter whatever VPN you choose, the process of setting up a VPN is always same.

  • First create an account with the VPN service provider.
  • Then choose the plan you want to use and make the payment.
  • Now download and install the VPN on your device.
  • Connect to the internet. Your connection is secure.

A Small research on demand of Online Video Streaming Platforms

We have already discussed about all the alternatives of Couchtuner and how they all are making our life easier by giving us opportunity to watch what we like at anytime and anywhere. But do you know, what is the % of people who watch online TV shows and Movies? You must have started thinking and could not be able to find an appropriate answer. Let me tell you this, In United states more than 54% of people in the age group of 18-29 watch their favourite TV shows and movies online. Online video streaming platforms like NetFlix, Amazon Prime and Hulu are on rise and this is because of the easily accessibility of these online platforms. These platforms are now used more than traditional TV’s. In a report published by Limelight in 2017, it was found that the average of the online video streaming by the people was around 6 hours, and this was a 35% increase than the previous year. This research showed that in spite of availability of the traditional source of video content consumption, the online streaming was highly preferred. But still people who are at or more than 50 years prefer to watch programmes and News on their TV sets and spend at least 40 hours of their time watching content on TV.

Its certain that a time would come when the popularity and use of these online streaming platforms will lead to demise of these traditional platforms but that time has not come now. The one of the threat that online streaming industry is facing is piracy and still many of us do not have enough money to go for a premium NetFlix , Amazon or Hulu plans and therefore these free online streaming platforms becomes our last option. In a survey, done in 2017, 17% of people reported that they watch unlicensed videos and use these free platforms whereas around 36% of people neither agreed nor disagreed about the use of unlicensed videos for watching latest Tv shows and movies.


I am Jason Swagger, also knows as Krikeshav in the online world. I always had a keen interest in Technology and therefore, after completing Engineering in computer science and I started writing blogs. I believe that sharing knowledge would remove darkness from the world.

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