If you are thinking about performing a Windows backup, but have a few questions that you haven’t had answered yet, you may be hesitant to just get it done. The truth is that a backup is one of the best things you can do to protect yourself from losing data, while still being able to have access to it when you need it.

The following are some common questions asked about backups and the answers that will help you understand PC backup software needs and put your mind at ease.

windows backup

• Why is it Important to Backup My Files?

Files and folders are easy to accidentally delete. In addition to that risk, viruses, software failure, and hardware failure is also a risk to the files on your computer. By performing a backup, your files will be protected against those risks. If something does happen to the computer, you can simply perform a restoration process to get them back. To understand more about your PC backup software needs, click here.

• How do I Know what to Backup?

While there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of files on your computer, you may be wondering what you should back up. The answer is to back anything up that would be impossible or extremely difficult to duplicate. Files such as pictures and videos, financial forms, journals, and other important information should be backed up. A simple document that you can easily re-type would not necessarily need to be backed up. In addition, programs can be reinstalled, so you don’t need to worry about having a backup program file.

• Will the Backup Process Disrupt My Current Work?

If you are working on the computer at the time that you think a backup should be performed, you don’t have to worry. Anything that has been saved will be backed up, but the project you are working on will not be. You can use the computer as it performs the Windows backup.

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• Do Backups Work when the Computer is Off?

If you schedule automatic backups, be sure that the computer is turned on for the scheduled time for the backup. The process will not take place if the computer is off, however, the next time the computer is turned on, it will perform the backup, and then it will continue on the automatic schedule that you created in the first place.

• How Many Times per Month Should I Perform a Backup?

The amount of times that you perform a backup process is really dependent upon the amount of files you put on your computer each month. If you have a ton of pictures saved on the computer, you may want to perform the process multiple times a month, even multiple times a week, or every single day. If you don’t do too much work on the computer, backing up once a month would probably be sufficient.

As you learn more about backing up files and folders on the computer, you will understand the importance of why it should be done. Having your questions answered is one of the best ways to ensure that you trust the process and will be happy once it is complete. For more information, contact your computer specialist and learn more about server backups.

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