CD and DVD duplication is used for both small-scale and large-scale operations where there is a need for multiple discs that all contain the same information.

dvd duplication

Duplication and replication are the two methods available for adding data to CDs or DVDs, and generally duplication is the preferred technology, as it is cheaper and faster. During duplication, data is burned at the lowest possible speed to high-quality blank discs. The length of time spent burning depends on the size of the data being added, and the format of the discs being burned to. After the discs have completed burning, labels may be added via thermal technology or with the use of inkjet printers. Duplication is a fairly quick process, with as many as 500 DVDs able to be burned in two days — or less! Click here for more info on duplication vs. replication, and which may be the better choice for your needs.

DVD duplication is used within many industries and for many different reasons. Independent artists may use DVD duplication software and hardware as a way to distribute their music to fans, or to send to record labels in the hopes of getting a deal. Movie companies and video game developers make use of DVD duplication for the mass production of movies and video games, and of course the movie industry uses DVD duplication — and sometimes replication — to produce movies for consumers to purchase and enjoy.


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