What are the three most important electronic appliances in your home? The answer can vary as per your family requirements. In the urban cities, three electronic appliances can make the list of every housewife. They are washing machine, air conditioner and geyser. And if you have an air conditioner in the home, it is mandatory to keep it in top working condition. But is it easy to maintain the air conditioner? Yes. Read this article on air conditioner maintenance tips. Follow them to the T and you can see the appliance last its lifetime.

 Air Conditioners in Homes

Air flow of AC in homes

 Air conditioners help in battling the heat. They keep your home cool and also help in filtering the dirt and allergens in the air. In the summer, it helps to reduce dehydration in infants and sick people. But keeping an air conditioner in perfect condition is a challenge. In this article, let us talk about air conditioner maintenance tips. And the easy method to take care of your home appliance.

 A. Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips: Filter

 When you read the title, you can, with ease, guess its meaning. The filter is a part of an air conditioner which sucks the dust in the air. And when this part becomes filled with dust and other similar kinds, you need to clean this part. If you hear a swishing sound, it means the filter has gone to the dirty mode. Non-cleaning can make family members (having sinus and wheezing problems) suffer from allergic attacks.

Do you have an office where the AC works continuously for more than ten hours? Then you have to clean the unit at least two days. If you are using the appliance for less amount of time, clean the filter once every month.

B. Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips: Warm Air

 Does your air conditioner give warm air? Then please note, that the filter has gone on the dirty mode. You can clean the air filter by the DIY method. But are you suffering from sinus and other similar problems? Then ensure to put a mask on before going for the cleaning option.

 After cleaning the filter, let it dry for some time before inserting to the appliance. But if you see holes in the air filter, it is time for a replacement.

C. Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips : Clean The Coils

Want to save cash on electricity bills? Then check if the air conditioner is working properly. Do you find that the AC is giving hot air? Then check if the condenser coils are clean. Or else, you need to turn on the thermostat to the highest volume. Before the red hot summer, ensure the coils are clean. This preparation will make your home remain cool in the summer season.

Do you want to clean the coils by the DIY method? Then switch off the electrical power. And do not clean the coils when the cables are connected to the power supply sockets. Now, you can clean the air conditioner coils. Please note, the coils may be covered with the dirt of all kinds such as dry leaves, insects and dust.

Have you cleaned the coils? Then ensure that the coils are dry before establishing the connection again. If the compressor of the AC is outside, ensure that the bushes, trees are trimmed to a proper fashion. Else, the coils will get dirty in quick time.

D. Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips : Checking The Ducts

One of the most neglected parts of an air conditioner is the ducts. Usually, homeowners or office owners take the ducts for granted. If the pipes do not function properly, the distribution of cool air will become a problem. Please note, ducts do the job of delivering cool air and removing hot air. If they face a problem, then the AC will not work as per the need. In the next round of paragraphs, we give the symptoms that the ducts need repair or maintenance.

Do you see small specks of dust coming from the AC? Then, it is a clear sign that the ducts need maintenance service. And only a professional AC expert can clean the ducts. Usually, dirt and molds fill the ducts. There are instances when the air flow gets reduced. This is also a symptom of blocked ducts or unclean ducts.

The third symptom is when the places near the ducts give a foul smell. It means that the space in the ducts has gone damp and molds have grown. This is the main reason for the foul smell. If you know the way to clean the ducts, then make use of a vacuum cleaner. Or else, hire an AC expert professional to complete the job.

E. Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips : Illness

AC getting damaged

Do all your family members fall ill time and again? Then kindly check if the air conditioner ducts are the source of the problem. There are chances that the dirty pipe may make you

suffer from illness. Persons who suffer from sinus and wheezing will get consistent attacks due to the presence of dust in the air.

F. Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips : Inspection of Electrical Wiring

wiring inspection

Do you check the electrical outlets in your home every six months? The reason, in some areas, if the wiring gets damaged, you may face problems of electrical shortage and more.

In case, you feel a burnt smell emanating on the places near the air conditioner, switch off the appliance. There are chances that the electronic item may catch fire. It may also lead to permanent damage. You may have to then buy a new AC model.


Signs That Inform Your AC Needs Repair

A. Hot Air Flow

hot air flow in AC

Please note, the AC is meant for only giving cool air to your home. If the opposite happens, it is not a complete sign the appliance has to get a replacement. There are chances, the AC compressor has got damaged or you may have to replace the capacitor. In the case of both situations, you may have to call for an AC repair service.


B. Water Leaks

Leakage of water inAC

Do you find water leaking out of the AC? It means the appliance does not function properly.

Yes, you may not suffer the short circuit problem. But your walls and paint may get damaged.

C. Cool Atmosphere in Your Home

You bought the AC model after checking its limitations and the area of your home. So, if the model is not giving cool air, then there is a technical problem. And the situation needs the presence of an AC professional.

D. Annoying Noise

noisy AC's

In recent times, manufacturers have introduced new AC models which rarely make noise during the cooling process. Do you hear sounds coming from inside the AC? 

 Then it is a clear sign some parts may have slipped out of its place. You need to hire an AC expert to check the appliance.

E.  Thermostat Miscalibration

One of the important parts in your AC is the thermostat. If it is in proper working condition, then the AC will work properly. If the wire between the central AC and thermostat gets damaged, then the appliance will switch off and on. It is better to attend this problem early on. Or else, you may have a broken thermostat in the future.

Recent Models

Do you want to know about the recent AC models in India that are most sought after? You can control these models by your smartphone. Then kindly read the next paragraph.

We have listed some models that you can control by Wi-Fi. They are as follows –

  • LG (1.5 Ton Inverter AC)
  • Whirlpool (1 Ton Inverter Split AC)
  • Godrej (1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC)
  • Lloyd (1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC)

Do you know other than these trendy models, you also have smart air conditioners? You can command them with your Alexa device or Amazon Echo. The models are

  • Sensibo Sky AC
  • LG Air conditioner Split 1.5 T


Mentioned in the article are some cool air maintenance tips. But in some, you need the help of an AC repair expert. In such cases, what do you do? In the recent models, rarely will find any repair within the warranty period. And if the problem occurs after the date of expiry, what will you do? It is an easy situation to handle. For example, you work in a software firm and live in Hyderabad. The AC in your home makes an annoying noise. So, you need to hire the technician offering best AC service in Hyderabad to fix the problem. But how will you find him? The best way is to search for companies offering household services in Hyderabad. You can check in their app, the profiles of best AC experts and place a request. You will get a call from the concerned AC professional on the problem and time of repair. After the conversation, the expert will come to your home on the fixed date/time with the necessary tools and fix the problem. This is an easy way to fix any AC repair issues if you have got a model devoid of the warranty period.

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