A lot of folks have been discussing the various advantages and disadvantages of a GPS tracking cell phone. For many, it is just a question of where the line should be drawn between child safety and respect for their privacy. It seems that the one possible disadvantage of “not trusting your children” has kept a number of people from using this technology to their advantage.

After weighing some of the different advantages to using a GPS locator for kids, it may be an easier decision to make than you might have once thought.

a gps tracking cell phone

• In Case of an Emergency

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The first circumstance that many people think about is usually as simple as their child’s location. Some parents think it is used for keeping tabs on their teenager to be certain they aren’t going somewhere they aren’t supposed to be. Others think about a younger child who might have gotten out of eye sight and is nowhere to be found. These situations are issues that need to be discussed, of course, but there are a number of other possible scenarios involving safety that should be considered. What would you do if you got into an accident in a remote region and didn’t know where you were? Under these circumstances, having a GPS locator on your cell phone would be invaluable. Whereas no one may be able to help you without the GPS, it would be a very simple matter for them to come to your aid if you were equipped with this technology. Using GPS tracking cell phone could be something that proves to be very important to you if you should ever find yourself in such a difficult situation.

 •  Business Reasons

 For an increasing number of businesses, having GPS on a phone is helping them to do business more effectively. A number of companies now give phones out to their employees for a variety of reasons; one great reason to issue such a phone has to do with the use of GPS. If employers have workers who spend time out in the field, it allows them to check on progress and keep up to date on where they are. Such information can prove to be very helpful for service-related companies. With this information a dispatcher is able to provide very accurate information to clients who are at home waiting for a service to be rendered. It also can give warnings when employees drive over the speed limit, helping to keep them more accountable, which in turn makes the streets a safer place for the entire community.

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• Finding Friends and Colleagues

Using GPS technology also allows you several conveniences you wouldn’t have otherwise. One such benefit is the ability to find your friends in crowded places. By looking at a map of where you are, your friends will show up on the grid as dots, making it a lot easier to find them. This can be especially helpful when you are in a crowd of people where finding a landmark doesn’t give you enough information about your actual location. There are a number of advantages of using a GPS locator on your phone. Maybe it’s time you considered getting one for yourself.

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