When it comes to choosing the best operating system for you, it’s always a matter of personal preference. While some users swear by Windows, others prefer Mac computers. There are also those who love working on Linux more than anything else.

Exploring your OS options to discover what fits you best is something that a lot of people do. And in these cases, it’s good to have tools at your disposal that you can use on any OS. Cross platform tools are becoming increasingly popular because of that.

If you are in the market for a professional PDF conversion tool that works on Windows, Mac and Linux, look no further than to Investintech.com’s Able2Extract 9.

Why is having a professional PDF converter so handy? While PDF is a great file format for archiving or sharing information, it is not exactly easy to edit a PDF. How many times have you received information via PDF that you needed to use, but couldn’t access it? Able2Extract is a tool that will enable you to professionally, accurately and quickly convert these locked PDFs into more editable formats so that you will be able to access the information you need and use it as you desire.

Able2Extract is special because it is the first professional PDF conversion solution on the market that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. It is a true cross platform tool that gives you the same, high quality results no matter what OS you prefer to use.

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The software can be used to convert PDFs into a huge number of formats. Whether you need to convert a PDF table into MS Excel for further analysis, into Word in order to extract trapped text, into PowerPoint in order to create a slideshow presentation, into AutoCAD formats to continue working on an architectural drawing, PDFs into various image formats such as JPG, GIF or PNG – Able2Extract supports all of these conversion options.

Conversions are not only fast and accurate, but also highly customizable. And best of all, it works on any OS.

Let’s take a look at how it works. The software is incredibly intuitive and shouldn’t be hard to grasp, even for beginners who are using a PDF conversion desktop tool for the first time.

 To locate and load the PDF you want to convert, click the “Open” button. We will be converting a PDF with tabular data to Excel in this example.

pdf converter

Select the information you want converted with your mouse and then click on the “Excel” button to begin the conversion process.

pdf converter excel button

 Able2Extract offers both “Automatic” and “Custom” conversion options for Excel, giving you the ability to really tailor the conversion output to suit your needs perfectly. Click on “Define” to check out the customization features.

pdf converter

  Using the customization options on the right, you can play around with the way your Excel file is going to look. If you click the “Show Preview” box, you will be able to see what your Excel file will look like before committing to the conversion. Once you have set it up according to your preferences, click “Convert.”

pdf converter

 You will then be prompted to save the new Excel file to your computer. Once you have chosen the destination, click on “Save.”

Your newly converted Excel file will be opened automatically once the conversion process is complete.

As you can see, using the software is very easy and the interface is incredibly intuitive for such a powerful, versatile and flexible tool. Users who wish to test the tool can download the software’s trial version that provides seven days of free, unlimited conversion.


• Here is a video from Able2Extract on “Able2Extract PDF Converter 9 .”


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