Just imagine: 10-15 years ago we couldn’t even think that travel would be a few clicks away from us. Now this is a common thing – you won’t surprise anyone with low discount prices and personalized offers, as well as a quick search for tours and airline tickets, but progress is progress.

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In addition to travel services, innovations continue to improve the travel industry and now let’s check out 9 technologies that are changing this industry nowadays…

Artificial intelligence

The prototype of artificial intelligence machines is the famous R2-D2 and C-3PO from Star Wars, which formed the idea of this technology as a useful assistant: it’s independent, and perfectly performs a specific kind of tasks.

Being on the threshold of this future, it’s fundamentally important to build a world in which people and machines will work collectively. Then a person will gain more opportunities for creativity, relaxation and new knowledge.

 Augmented reality

The capabilities of this technology extend far beyond the Pokemon Go mobile game. First of all, augmented reality can become a visual Wikipedia, when characteristics and data about the object will be projected onto each object, building or street.

At the same time, the potential of the technology lies not only in making information ubiquitous and accessible, but also in creating new functionality, content, and ways of deeper interaction between people with the world and with each other.


Due to the impossibility of falsifying data, this solution of reliable distributed storage of records is called the ‘Internet of Trust’. Many companies have already entered the competition, striving to transform various fields of business, government, trade and culture with it. Based on blockchain protocols, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hyperledger were created. In the future, this technology may significantly affect the rules in all sectors of the economy, including tourism.


The information exchange between the human brain and an electronic device will be developed in the near future. At the initial stage, these may be applications that will allow you to control objects, for example, an autonomous suitcase that can be moved with one thought.

Over time, the system will be able to send information to the brain itself, say, about the GPS route, or to remind you of planned affairs and meetings.

Quantum computing

This innovation is aimed at the ability to quickly process huge amounts of data, the volume of which will constantly grow with the development of technology.

Chat bots

According to numerous studies, 41% of people prefer to communicate via instant messengers and social networks. In a couple of years, by 2020, generation Y will account for more than half of the world’s workforce, which means that the number of travelers who prefer chatting in instant messengers will increase proportionally.

In connection with such statistics, airlines, rental housing services and other travel services are actively introducing the practice of using chat bots to communicate with customers.

Space tourism

Both the countries and the commercial sector are participating in the 21st century space race, and competition in this segment will continue to intensify. Already today there are projects of orbital hotels and shuttles that can deliver tourists to Mars. In addition, progress in this area will make it even easier to get to any corner of the Earth, and this future is not far off.

Biometrical technology

We are talking about facial recognition technologies for identification and verification of personality. Whether it’s shopping without the use of cash and credit cards or passing security controls at the airport without presenting a passport, you can finally forget about queues with the introduction of such decisions.

Virtual reality

With the development of this technology, tactile sensations will be added to the visual and audio effects available today so that the user can immerse in the virtual world as fully as possible.

Imagine it’s already possible! The Marriot hotel chain uses the “VR Postcards” technology, which allows you to walk around the hotel with VR glasses and an application, and evaluate the same view from the balcony before booking a room. In this way, guests can be sure of the quality of their accommodation while traveling.

Nevertheless, Saber Labs experts are sure that virtual reality can’t replace a real journey, but rather the opposite – it will inspire people to discover new things, stimulate interest in history and sciences, and also contribute to the growth of sales of additional and premium services.


I am Jason Swagger, also knows as Krikeshav in the online world. I always had a keen interest in Technology and therefore, after completing Engineering in computer science and I started writing blogs. I believe that sharing knowledge would remove darkness from the world.

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