In the near future our understanding of the devices that we wear will change greatly. Everything will start, as experts believe, with the massive growth of demand on smart watches and glasses of augmented reality such as, for example, Google Glass, which will be released later this year.

Many big companies are officially engaged in the development of “smart watch”, periodically reminding about it in the press releases. Samsung Gear watch, as it became known a few days ago, will be released on September 4 this year. But our choice won’t be limited by glasses and watches – the number of the wearable gadgets which in some way complement our bodies will be much greater. Below are the 8 wearable gadgets:

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1. Augmented Reality Glasses

Initially they were not invented by Google, but Steve Mann did it back in the 80 ‘s of last century. His concept is called EyeTap. In fact, he predicted the future looking forward to 30 years.

Refer: Google Glass

Augmented Reality Glasses

2 . Gadget management using brain signals

At the beginning of this decade, the concept of Focus was introduced- this is the headset that fits on the head and allows you to control mobile devices by thought. This idea can be used in many ways, starting from video games and finishing with medicine.

Gadget management using brain signals

3 . The skin as a touch screen

Microsoft introduced the concept of Skinput, which allows you to use your own body as a touchscreen. For example, a projected onto the skin keyboard can be pressed and the sensors will read these presses and convert them to text on a mobile device.

Refer: Skinput


4 . eTattoo

It is also a useful concept that can be useful in medicine. These tattoos can contain information about a group of human blood, about the diseases the patient had the past and more.


5 . Gadgets implanted in the body

About a month ago an artificial tooth with a built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi was presented by enthusiasts. This tooth can tell your doctor about the food which was consumed by the patient, if he smokes or take alcohol regularly.

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6. 3D- technology

The spread of 3D-printers will result in printed gadgets on the market, such as exoskeletons to increase muscle strength. It has already become a reality.

Refer: Exoskeleton

3d technology

7. Fitness wristbands

These devices, for example, Nike Fuelband, has received mass distribution and demand, because they show a very important for the athlete issues information on their small displays.

fitness wristbands

8. Smart watches

Smart Watches have become a trend in 2013. And as you already know, several models from major manufacturers are scheduled to be released this autumn. Smart watches are a great addition to your phone and they can display important information about the calls, reminders, messages, and much more.

smart watches

What’s your most interesting wearable gadget? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


I am Jason Swagger, also knows as Krikeshav in the online world. I always had a keen interest in Technology and therefore, after completing Engineering in computer science and I started writing blogs. I believe that sharing knowledge would remove darkness from the world.

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