Smarphones can do almost anything these days. It is like having a powerful computer in the palm of your hand. You can plan and organize many important parts of your wedding while you are on the go.

wedding preparations

1. Make your own wedding-themed Pinterest board.

With Pinterest you can upload your own pictures, and pin inspiration from other users’ boards. Even better, you can make your own private-access Pinterest board to be shared with your wedding planner, dressmaker, or other important people on a need-to-know basis, allowing you to keep those you want in the loop while saving the wedding day surprises for everyone else.

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 2. Share images and information in real-time with wedding planners

For example, you can use your phone’s chat functions to stay connected, sync calendars and day planners with others involved in your wedding, and make to-do lists that everyone can see. Use your smartphone’s web browser to order wedding invitations, the built-in camera to snap inspiration, and organize it all online.

 3. Manage your wedding budget

The most popular personal finance app is’s “Mint”. This free app automatically organizes your bank accounts, credit card accounts, and any other financial information that you need to keep track of. Especially helpful is the option to mark certain financial transactions as wedding-related. This allows you to check on your budget anytime and anywhere. Best of all Mint organizes all your financial information in easy to read and easy to understand graphs, making staying on top of your wedding budget a breeze.

 4. Stay connected with family members across the country

The ooVoo video chat is the perfect way to use your smartphone to keep in touch with relatives and friends attending your wedding, no matter where they may be. The ooVoo app, available in the Android store, lets you link up to a dozen family members and friends from your Android mobile device. ooVoo features interactive communications like live video calls, instant messaging, video messages, and conference calling. For example, suppose you can’t decide between two different place settings. You might normally ask your parents for insight, but they’re on the other side of the country. Just use ooVoo to record and send a video message, and you’ll have a second opinion in no time!

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 5. Access your notes anytime, anywhere, without pen and paper

Instead of lugging around a binder or notebook (or in some cases, plastering a wall with sticky notes), why not give the Evernote app a try? Evernote is a smartphone app that can organize your thoughts, notes, scraps and ideas all in one place. You can add text, camera pictures, web links, audio and video recordings and more.

Have you done or like to do any wedding preparations from your smartphone? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


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