Social Media is definitely not about merely placing information on different social networks and forgetting about it, it’s much more than that. As a person who has created his/her account with any of the social media websites, it becomes essential to access your social media page and take part in all the activities that are being performed in your field of specialization.

The fast and furious social media marketing trends expect you to get hold of the best techniques that can aid you in creating a niche over the World Wide Web. You can either choose to write a thousand words article on your corporate blog or indulge in creating an infographic that summarizes and illustrates your ideas in an easy-to-interpret manner. Today, through this blog post, I’ll be introducing you to ten finest Infographic maker tools that are available free of cost and work perfect for creating attractive infographics on different subjects.

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create your creative is the perfect fit for individuals who aren’t able to portray their creativity due to restricted tools. Backed by a series of innovative templates called “vthemes”, is a brilliant free Infographic tool that makes infographic creation a fun-filled activity. To start using, all you need to do is choose from a collection of free themes, drag the theme onto the “canvas” page and you can choose to add your own photos, text, colors and shapes. Once you’re done with moderating the chosen theme, you may choose to save to your computer. For those of you who want to view a demo, there’s a video that will guide you in a step-by-step manner.

best infographic creater

Having been used for creating over 800,000 infographics, is an easy-to-use infographic maker tool. Packed with over 30 different chart varieties, this tool comes as a handy option for creating appealing infographics. The best part of this is its ability to download your created files in .PNG or .PDF formats. Once you’re done with the creation, you can choose to save the files and publish the same on your official website and social media pages.

 3- Many Eyes

infographic creator

As a joint venture by IBM research and IBM Cognos, Many Eyes is an advanced infographic creation tool. With an option of connecting with infographic experts and enthusiastic from across the world, you can use this tool for getting an in-depth knowledge on generating world-class infographics. Many Eyes lets you create an infographic in 3 simple steps viz: uploading the public date set, selecting a theme and adding your own data to the framed visualization and you’re done with creating your brand new infographic.

 4- TimelineJS

creative is here

TimelineJS uses a Google spreadsheet for building visually-rich interactive timelines. These timelines are then linked to social networks including YouTube, Flickr, Sound Cloud, Facebook and many more. You can choose to enhance the timeline by incorporating pictures, videos and posts that already exist on your social media page. TimelineJS works best for designing infographics related to business products and services.

 5- Piktochart

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Piktochart lets you create amazing infographics without the need for having any design knowledge. With over 100 professionally designed themes, Piktochart allows you to transform your ideas into visuals. You can even purchase premium themes that allow you to create highly creative infographics.

 6- Kinzaa

visually stunning

Custom-made for creating infographic resumes, Kinzaa comes as a handy tool for impressing potential employers. With Kinzaa, you can create a stunning infographic resume within 3 minutes. You can make your resume speaks everything about you, by converting it into an infographic, created using Kinzaa.

 7- Google Developers

No word to say for this

Since Google is the global data recognizer, it is a better idea to use the Google Developers tool for creating your very own infographic. With a vast variety of customizations to work upon, you can generate an infographic that meets your specific preferences. You can choose to build infographics using a stock of pie charts, time-lines, column charts, line charts etc.

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 8- Tableau

Tableau is a free infographic tool. This tool is custom-made for online publishers dealing in journalism, blogging, law, education etc. In addition to this, Tableau also offers you the opportunity of getting in touch with experienced infographic artists who’re willing to share tips with you.

 9- ChartsBin

preapare your charts

ChartsBin is an easy-to-use tool that You can choose it for creating interactive maps that can further be embedded in your own website or blog. Visualizations generated using ChartsBin work perfectly on iPads, Iphones, and a variety of other mobile devices.

tell your story visually

With, you can choose to create interesting infographics along with participating in conversations held within the designing community. You can create innovative infographics and choose to share them on various social media websites.

 Wrapping Up           

Hope you’d have liked the collection of ten best free-to use infographic tool. I’m pleased that by now you’re aware about these creation tools that can aid you in saving huge sums of cash over developing infographics that can work wonders for sharing your ideas and opinions visually.

If you’ve been using any of these infographic maker tools before, do share your experiences in the comment section below and we’ll be glad to to hear from you.

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